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Endurance Strong Triathlon Team

Endurance Strong Triathlon Team Run Tri Bike Magazine Club Spotlight Profile

Endurance Strong is a national team with a social mission to support existing endurance athletes and create new ones to create a more physically active and healthier country. They have endurance and strength training plans, gear, and educational content based on being well-rounded, healthy endurance athletes. Endurance Strong also donate 10% of net profits to a charity that shares our social mission.

The club is just starting out this year (2022) and has 4 active members across the country. They have training plans in PDF form on their website as well as Training Peaks versions that you can access HERE. They currently have cycling plans available with run, du and tri plans coming very soon. There are different levels of plans including beginner plans for each discipline as well as a couch to 5K.

Find Endurance Strong Triathlon Team Through

  • Their website
  • USAT Coach Directory (David Kell coach profile)
  • Facebook or Instagram (links below)
  • Training Peaks Training Plans

Endurance Strong Triathlon Team Social Mission

Endurance Strong is committed to helping maximize the benefit endurance sports has on our society. Competition against yourself and others is a large part of endurance sports. Other benefits include staying physically and mentally healthy, having an accessible form of physical activity for those who are not active. We also raise awareness and funds through charitable endurance events. Embracing these other benefits, Endurance Strong strives to make a positive impact on society in the following ways:
  • ​Create and Support new endurance athletes by providing opportunities, motivation and knowledge of how to train properly and safely
  • Lower overuse injury risk, severity and recovery time in a population highly susceptible to injury
  • Help injured endurance athletes cope with depression and other mental illness linked to inability to take part in the activity they love.
  • Support endurance events that raise awareness and funds for charitable causes.
Endurance Strong Triathlon Team Run Tri Bike Magazine Club Spotlight
President: David Kell