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Loose Screws, Inc

Loose Screws Inc Run Tri Bike Magazine Club Spotlight

The Loose Screws, Inc name may imply that the club does a lot of β€˜crazy’ stuff but the reality is the club is focused on Individual Family. Sounds like an oxymoron (Jumbo Shrimp?) but if you take a second to think about it, the phrase make sense.

The founders (Rick and Shane) started the club about one year ago with the idea of building a family atmosphere. Being there to support each other (no matter how big or small the goal might be) and to help people achieve their own impossible. They believe that every individual has a different impossible. It can range from getting off that couch to any extreme one can think of. Beyond that they say that not one person’s impossible is better than the other. This brings a very individualized but supportive atmosphere to the club.

The club wants to be there and support each and every one. By doing this, Loose Screws hopes to grow the Club, the family so to speak. We want to be there when someone is having a hard time, but also to celebrate their achievements. Our goal is to build an extended family of support and motivation. To be part of the greater good as one team, one family.

Loose Screws has plans to grow the sport, one individual at a time. By setting an example and expectations for the club for members to aspire to, they can spread the motto of Loose Screws. The motto is Stand Up! Stand Out! Be Epic! and with each member doing that the club will grow and provide an example of how other clubs can lead and grow.

If you’re interested in joining the Loose Screws, Inc club, CLICK HERE

Loose Screws Club Spotlight Run Tri Bike Magazine
President: Rick Enthoven