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Balancing Motherhood, Work, and Training for the Yeti 100

Work and Training Enjoing The Journey with Lindsay Teague for Run Tri Bike

Ultra running is filled with athletes that come from various backgrounds. Each person is an athlete but Lindsay Teague is not your typical athlete. A full-time night shift nurse, mother of four (ranging from 7 to 19 years old), and a woman with a bustling schedule, Lindsay is on a remarkable journey. She is preparing for her first 100-mile ultramarathon, the Yeti 100 in Virginia on September 27. Her ability in balancing motherhood, work and training will be challenged.

The Decision to Run 100 Miles

Lindsay’s journey into long-distance running wasn’t a conventional one. Five years ago, she began running as a means to lose weight after having her children. Initially aiming for a half marathon, her mindset evolved as she discovered her love for running. Eventually, the idea of running a marathon, and later, an ultra, entered her mind.

It was a gradual process of self-discovery and pushing boundaries. Reflecting on her decision to tackle the 100-mile distance, Lindsay shares, “I’ve spent this past year sitting with that, marinating with it and dwelling on it, and decided to go for it this year.”


Mindset Shifts in Training

As a veteran of 100-milers, I asked Lindsay about her mindset during training. Lindsay acknowledges the transformation in her approach, emphasizing the shift from being numbers-focused to embracing the experience. “I’m a completely different runner,” she states.

Her training now focuses on time on her feet, practicing nutrition during runs, and finding joy in trail running. Lindsay’s evolving mindset allows her to view the long training runs not as a chore but as steps toward a goal she can’t fully fathom – a 100-mile finish.

Mantras for Success

One aspect of Lindsay’s journey is the incorporation of powerful mantras. Her primary mantra, “burn the ships,” stems from her son’s history lesson about Hernan Cortez. The idea of committing fully to the challenge resonates with Lindsay, pushing her through the toughest moments.

Balancing Act: Motherhood, Work, and Training

What sets Lindsay apart is her ability to balance the demands of motherhood, work, and training. She plans her training runs around a home gym and integrates strength training, emphasizing its role in injury prevention. Despite the challenges, Lindsay finds time to participate in her daughter’s dance activities, embodying the ‘chaotic mom running around the downtown of her hometown.’

Visualizing the Start Line

When asked about visualizing race scenarios, Lindsay surprises by focusing on the start line rather than the finish. She describes the nerves, akin to the moment before a roller coaster drops, capturing the intensity of the challenge she’s undertaken.

Embracing the Unknown

As Lindsay progresses toward the Yeti 100, she candidly admits considering the possibility of not finishing. This newfound perspective acknowledges the nature of ultra running and sees a DNF (Did Not Finish) as part of the journey, providing valuable lessons for future attempts.

Having a friend who has DNF’d at the 100 mile distance multiple times gives her an advantage that others may not have. We can read about DNFs and Lessons Learned but that isn’t the same as having a personal connection. The ability to discuss the feelings of not finishing gives Lindsay the opportunity to understand that it isn’t the end of her running and can be the building block for future success.

Encouragement for Others

At the end of the conversation, Lindsay encourages others on the brink of challenging themselves, whether in a 5k or a 100-mile ultramarathon: “Do it. What is there to lose, honestly?” She emphasizes that one doesn’t need special privileges to pursue such goals, but rather the determination to prioritize and make time for the journey.

Lindsay Teague’s story is an inspiring example to the idea that epic achievements are within reach for ordinary individuals. Her journey, marked by resilience, self-discovery, and a commitment to embracing challenges, serves as an example for those contemplating their own extraordinary feats.

Join us as we follow Lindsay’s path toward the start line and her ability in enjoying the journey. Balancing motherhood, work and training for the Yeti 100 will not be easy but she has put the pieces in place to be successful.