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Kristie Concepcion:

Preparing For A 100-Mile Ultra


In this series we will be interviewing Kristie Concepcion as she prepares for her first 100 mile race. When she crosses the finish line, Kristie will have gone from personal trainer to ultra runner. Along the way she will have made stops in the road running world and the triathlon space. Kristie Concepcion, KC, is an accomplished athlete but her first foray into the 100-mile world will test her physical as well as mental strength.

In this 2nd interview with Jason Bahamundi of Run Tri Bike, Kristie talks about how she is preparing for a 100-Mile ultra. You will find out what has surprised her, what has been expected and what she is looking forward to.

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From Personal Trainer To Ultra Runner

Ultramarathons have been increasing in popularity in recent years, with more and more people taking on the challenge of running 100 miles or more. But what does it really take? What needs to be considered when preparing for a 100-mile ultra?Kristies shares her experience and insights into the training process.

The Commitment

Training for an ultramarathon is no easy task. It requires a significant time commitment and a lot of dedication. But perhaps the biggest challenge is not the running itself, but rather the nutrition and hydration that is necessary to fuel the body through such a long race.

For Kristie, the training has been what she expected, but the nutrition and hydration has been a whole new world. Ironman and marathon training had prepared her for the physical demands of running, but ultrarunning requires a different kind of fueling strategy. It took some time for her to adjust to this mindset and accept this new way of fueling.

On the bright side, the training process has also been an opportunity to incorporate other modes of training, such as yoga, weight training, core and balance work, in addition to running. This has not only provided a refreshing change of pace, but also helped to strengthen the body in different ways.

The Challenges

Of course, training for an ultramarathon is not without its challenges. Finding the time to fit in all the necessary training, in addition to work, family, and other obligations, can be difficult. It requires a high level of discipline and commitment, and even then, there may be missed workouts. KC understands that this can happen so she doesn’t dwell on the past. What didn’t happen, didn’t happen but control what is upcoming.

The Unknown

But perhaps the biggest struggle, for KC, is the unknown. Having never run more than 50 miles, she runner is grappling with the uncertainty of what it will feel like to finish 100 miles. Will her feet hold up? What about blisters? Can her stomach handle the necessary fuel and hydration? And perhaps most daunting of all, how will she manage running in the dark?

To help gauge their training progress, Kristie has planned a series of events leading up to the big race. A 50k trail race at the end of May, two night trail races in July and September, and a 45 mile trail race in November will all serve as opportunities to test her skills and build confidence.

Unexpected Success

Despite the challenges and uncertainties, she has also experienced moments of unexpected triumph. Finishing her first 50 mile race was a huge confidence booster, and they are looking forward to feeling their body get stronger and stronger each month, not just with running, but with core and stability work as well.

Through the first few months of training the lessons have already been building. From those lessons, Kristie has some advice for those looking to take on an ultramarathon. KC believes it’s important to understand the level of commitment required. The training process is rigorous and demanding, both physically and mentally. But, if your willing to put in the work, she believes the sense of accomplishment that comes with completing a 100 mile race is truly unparalleled.

Stay tuned as we continue to follow KC’s journey and find out if her belief is correct.

Enjoying The Journey – Sponsored by SWCHBAK
Enjoying The Journey Sponsored by SWCHBAK
Enjoying The Journey Sponsored by SWCHBAK
Enjoying The Journey Sponsored by SWCHBAK

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