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Fireside Chat – Ep 1 – 

Kevin and Alaris Scott

Being small business owners in the endurance sports space and what it takes to succeed.

Fireside Chat – Ep 2 – 

Justin True

What does it take to conceive of and go after the world’s longest triathlon.

Fireside Chat – Ep 3 – 

Callie Vinson & Hector Rodriguez

Training for and chasing the dream of racing Cocodona 250.

Fireside Chat – Ep 4 – 

Camille Baptiste

What does it take to be a race director? What are your goals for the athletes in your races?

Fireside Chat – Ep 5 – 

Stevie Lyn Smith

What’s it like running a small business, being an athlete, and sports dietitian?

Fireside Chat – Ep 6 – 

Morgon Latimore

The People’s Coach reviews The Triathlete Mindset as well as celebrating Fri-Yay!

Fireside Chat – Ep 7 – 

Dr JoAnne Bullard

Understand your why, develop mental strength for endurance sports and more!

Fireside Chat – Ep 8 – 

Yvonne Spencer

How and Why do you start a national club and stay motivated during training.

Fireside Chat – Ep 9 – 

Juliana Galante & Heather Zeman

Exercise and Nutrition Tips for Postpartum Women.

Fireside Chat – Ep 10 – 

Maria Papalia-Meier – The Toeless Runner

Overcoming setbacks and staying positive to achieve your goals

Fireside Chat – Ep 11 – 

Haleigh Fisher – Trailhead Consulting DFW

Learning to manage the mental aspects of endurance sports.

Fireside Chat – Ep 12 – 

Rachel Tomajczyk

Lessons learned after transitioning to trail running, eating disorder and favorite Merrell products

Fireside Chat – Ep 13 – 

Jack Randall – Zoza Beacon

The newest safety device that will hit the market in late 2022 / early 2023.

Fireside Chat – Ep 14 – 

Brandy Ramirez – SheStrong

Why SheStrong got started and how it led to the creation of the Monarch Triathlon SuperHalf™

Fireside Chat – Ep 15 – 

Angela Klick – She Tris Sprint Triathlon

Why She Tris Sprint Triathlon was started and what it means to the community.

Fireside Chat – Ep 16 – 

Sachin Latti – Run To Remember 2022

We discuss mental health, his journey as an endurance athlete, and Honour House


Fireside Chat – Ep 17 – 

Keith Hughes – Boise Running

Boise Running hosts Idaho Running Day, SHE Powers, SHE Shells and Turkey Day 5k. Insight on these races.

Fireside Chat – Ep 18 – 

John Duquette – Blueseventy

bluseventy is #AllForTheSwim and plans on staying there. Why?

Fireside Chat – Ep 19 – 

Jackie Hendrickson, RD

We discuss nutrition during taper, seasonal eating, athlete-food relationship and more.


Fireside Chat – Ep 20 – 

Lauren Beihoffer, M.S.

We chat about #fitafter40, mental toughness, saying ‘YES’ to life and adventures & more.

Fireside Chat – Ep 22 – 

Emily Haag

We discuss Emily’s cross-country run, underwater marathon attempt and her motivation.

Fireside Chat – Ep 23 – 

Eric Opdyke

We chat with Eric about brining the barriers to entry down as well as his stint with Rev3.

Fireside Chat – Ep 24 – 

Maria Simone

We chat with Maria about coaching athletes today as well as the physical vs mental side of sport.