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Triathlon Is More Than A Workout – Jessica Culver

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Jessica Culver
Year started: 2011
Next race: May 29, 2022
Favorite gear:

Running Shoes

In 2010, my best friend died suddenly and unexpectedly. I was living across the country, in a new town, with no friends, starting a new career. I was lost and fell into a deep depression. When i started to emerge from the darkness the thing that helped me process my pain was running. It started as just running around the block a few times. Before I knew it was was running 3 miles at a time, that turned into 6 miles. Soon, I was signing up for races and joining local run groups.

I developed a community of runners and other athletes and made this new place my home, but it all started with running. Running soon turned into cross training in the pool and riding bikes with my roommates. When I heard that there was a sport that involved all three I was in.

I did my first triathlon in the summer of 2012 and despite doing well I had so much fun. It felt so freeing and I loved pushing myself beyond what I thought was capable of. 10 years later here I am. I consider myself a competitive age group athlete hoping for the best year of my life in sport, career, and life.

Triathlon is more than a workout or a race it is a way of life.


1 РWhy do you say that triathlon is more than a workout? In my mind a workout is something you go do and then get on with your day. For me Triathlon and my daily workouts take priority and my life happens around them. I plan out every workout. For example I will plan a time to get my swim in, and then I work backwards from that. what and when to eat before the swim to fuel, when to wake up, and then when I need to go to bed if this will be an early morning workout.
2¬†– What about the¬†running group kept you going back so that you could develop a community? When i started showing up to group runs there was always someone that would immediately¬†say ” Hi, I’m (so and so), i don’t think we have met, let me introduce¬†you to everyone” and this inclusiveness and comradery was exactly what i needed because i was so intimidated¬†by real runners.¬† but no matter the pace, race, or event, everyone cheered each other on.
3 – What advice would you give to a beginner? It’s ok if one workout here and there is not fun, or goes exactly as planned. consistency is what’s important. Just keep showing up for yourself and you will see improvement. My personal motto is ” Do your best today”. and something else im still working on is making easy days EAZY… and hard days HARD! don’t worry about what paces you “should” be running, swimming, biking, go by feel and easier¬†is better in order to make the hard workouts effective. Oh and Sleep!