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I Have Purpose – Beth Ambrosini

I Have Purpose Beth Ambrosini Run Tri Bike Magazine How It All Started
Beth Ambrosini
Year started: 2019
Next race: June 12, 2022
Favorite gear:

Quintana Roo PR5

Growing up extremely athletic I played sports during every season including 3 varsity sports. I struggled when I went to college with no organized sport. 25 years later I still have nightmares about it and strongly believe if I had sports in college my life path would be completely different.

I Was Lost

Being lost I partied a lot. I put on 40 pounds by Christmas of freshman year. Drinking all day, every day. Sleeping through cafeteria hours for weeks at a time. It is not a joke to say that I survived on Captain Morgan’s and Keystone Light. I was very lucky to be able to quit that on my own. For a while I was very concerned that I’d have to go into a rehab facility but I learned balance and stopped drinking altogether for almost a year.

That was great but for the next 15 to 20 years I didn’t do much physically I finished college, got a job, got married and had kids. I didn’t feel good about myself. I felt disgusted in my own body I was always exhausted and had no motivation to do anything. After my fourth child was born (4 years after my first) I ran into a friend who had given birth around the same time. She looked better then when we were in high school. I asked how she managed to do this. Her response was that OrangeTheory saved her life.

I Joined Orange Theory

That very night I went home and called them. I signed up and from the first day I was hooked. It was the competition I needed. Racing the person next to me or lifting heavier then my neighbor caught my heart. That first year I managed 300 classes! Doesn’t hurt that they charge you if you sign up and miss a class. On top of the very expensive monthly fee the cancellation fee got my butt out of bed every morning at 5:30. I was determined to not pay the cancellation fee! In my opinion it’s the best marketing scheme ever to get someone to commit.

After the first year, I signed up for their version of a triathlon. Not many of us did the full by ourselves. Most of us broke it up into a team effort. Accomplishing that in the short amount of time and doing very well made me feel great. Around the same time I started following a woman  and her triathlon journey on Instagram. She had signed up for a 70.3 and hired a coach. She would share her daily experience with her follower. As a mother and a professional, I was amazed at her fitness, her dedication, and the idea of racing really spoke to me – competition is everything especially when you are the oldest of 8 kids!

Hired A Coach And Registered For A Race

I reached out to her with a million questions and I am so lucky she immediately responded. I went home and searched the web for a local triathlon coach. Made a phone call, made an appointment to meet, and was on my way! I didn’t know what questions to ask my potential coach. When we met we talked for a bit about my history, where I was at with my fitness, what my goals were and that was hard enough! Goals?!? What goals? I just want to try and do this triathlon thing.

I signed up that day and took a leap of faith. From June 1 through Labor Day weekend I trained with my coach and his local athletes. I only took 3 full days off to rest. My goal for the Lake George NY Olympic would be top 10 for my age group. I was hooked despite not achieving my goal. 11th place but I was ready for more.

I Have Purpose

I learned a lot that day with the most important two things being: Yes I did it! and I did NOT fuel properly. If I had fueled properly I could have finished in the top 5. I’ve stayed on with my coach, joined I Race Like A Girl, joined Girls Get Gritty, and made a ton of friends. I can’t wait to see what the future holds. I’ve dealt with injuries, wins, losses, but finding myself and my fitness passion has been hands down the most important!

I have purpose and something that brings me utter joy.