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The Power of Team and Community in the Journey

The Power Of Team And Community For Rebecca's Private Idaho Run Tri Bike

The journey towards a goal can be as transformative as the achievement itself. In the second installment of our “Enjoying the Journey” series, we catch up with Pat Spencer as she gears up for Rebecca’s Private Idaho (RPI). Pat’s commitment to her training is not just a solo endeavor but a collaborative effort. She has decided that this road will have the power of team and community to help her along the way.

As any gravel cyclist will tell you, the road is not paved but the joy of riding gravel is unmatched. There are opportunities for climbing and descending. You are provided chances to dig deep as well as coast. A gravel ride brings the speed of the road and the terrain of the mountain into one.

Navigating the Training Maze

Rebecca’s Private Idaho is still months away, and we delve into Pat’s progress with her coach, Angie. Pat reflects on her early training phase, focusing on building power and endurance while addressing past challenges like leg cramps. The notable shift this year is Pat’s intentional decision to hire a coach, eliminating the need for her to meticulously craft training plans. “I have very intentionally hired a coach, so I don’t have to think,” Pat confesses, highlighting a newfound ease in her training routine thanks. to the power of her team and the community around her.

The Coach-Athlete Dynamic

In a candid conversation, Pat elaborates on the impact of having Angie as her coach. “Oh, much easier,” she asserts, emphasizing the relief from decision fatigue. Angie, a professor and researcher in Parkinson’s disease, brings a wealth of knowledge to the table. Pat’s trust in Angie’s expertise extends beyond the physical training; it encompasses insights into her performance metrics, such as heart rate anomalies.

The coach-athlete relationship extends beyond workout plans. Pat sheds light on her communication with Angie, detailing monthly video calls, and frequent text/email exchanges. The connection isn’t limited to training specifics; Pat and Angie are exploring collaborations in mental training plans, showcasing the holistic approach to performance.

Confidence and Belief

As Pat shares her journey, a recurring theme is the newfound confidence that comes with having a supportive team. “Having a coach helps,” Pat asserts, emphasizing the boost in self-assurance that stems from knowing someone believes in her abilities. This mental shift becomes a cornerstone in Pat’s approach to workouts, helping her navigate challenges with a positive mindset.

With a busy life that includes running her own business, Pat opens up about her concerns regarding the delicate balance between training, work, and personal commitments. The looming challenge of increasing training volume raises questions about how to juggle responsibilities without compromising any aspect of her life. It’s a nuanced dance that Pat acknowledges will require careful planning and a willingness to say ‘no.’


The Role of Zwift in Training

For indoor cycling, Pat turns to Zwift, not just as a competitive platform but as a tool to monitor essential metrics. She uses it as a complement to her structured workouts, maintaining a balance between performance tracking and engagement with the virtual cycling community.

As we discussed the use of the platform, Pat explains further that she uses Zwift for the data that it contains versus the routes or game simulation. Pat said, “I mainly use Zwift to look at my power numbers, my heart rate, my cadence. I couldn’t care less what other people are doing.”

Strength Training: A Constant Companion

Pat’s dedication to strength training is unwavering, with a routine designed by her coach, Angie. The collaboration between cycling and strength allows Pat to continue to improve her fitness.

Pat explains her choice to keep strength training as part of the routine is simple. Pat says, “I love strength training. I love lifting heavy stuff. I love doing squats and deadlifts and all sorts of fun things.”

Nutrition: A Work in Progress

Michelle, Pat’s nutrition coach, plays a crucial role in adapting her diet to the evolving training demands. While specifics for RPI haven’t been detailed yet, Pat engages in trial and error, experimenting with pre-ride snacks and staying attuned to her body’s needs.

One item that is not going away is her choice of PayDay bars. As Pat said, “I will try. I will look. But they are salty, they are sweet, and I get 90 calories in one bite, right? I’ve tried M&Ms, I’ve tried Swedish Fish, I’ve tried pretzels, I’ve tried all these other things. And I’m like, the payday bar is the one that works.”

Looking Ahead: Balancing Expectations and The Mental Game

As the conversation unfolds, Pat reflects on the evolving expectations for her performance at RPI. From initially aiming to finish, she now entertains thoughts of a competitive time. However, she remains grounded, acknowledging that the journey is still in its early stages.

Being a self-proclaimed people pleaser, Pat discusses the importance of self-awareness in managing expectations. She shares how she navigates the mental challenges, checks unrealistic thoughts, and leans on the belief that others have in her, translating into newfound confidence.

A Team Beyond the Bike

Pat’s team extends beyond her coaches, including her wife and a supportive community of fellow RPI participants. The anticipation of their presence at the event serves as both a confidence boost and a safety net. The power of team and community concept reinforces the importance of a comprehensive support system.

Final Thoughts: Embracing the Process

As the conversation with Pat concluded, she emphasizes the significance of staying focused on the process rather than fixating on outcomes. The journey, as she sees it, is about taking one step at a time, appreciating the small victories, and cultivating a mindset that fosters growth.

In the upcoming months leading to Rebecca’s Private Idaho, Pat’s journey will continue to unfold, showcasing the resilience, determination, and joy that define the pursuit of endurance goals. Stay tuned for more insights into the evolving narrative of “Enjoying the Journey.


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