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The Next Challenge: The Mud Runner Chick

Kim is always looking for the next challenge. Here she's doing 29029 Everesting.
Kim Krapcha

Kim Krapcha has been an athlete for as long as she can remember. Her journey started with childhood sports like softball, volleyball and basketball. Looking to mix up her routine, she tackled obstacle course racing, triathlons, and eventually ultra trail running. Though endurance sports help Kim find the next challenge, they also drive her passion as a dietitian during the week.

An Unhappy Relationship

Kim first started pounding the pavement back in 2003 to lose weight and find herself after an unhappy relationship. She began slowly, running a mile a day on the treadmill. A few years later, she set her sights on bigger goals: completing a half marathon. In 2008, Kim finished her first half, the Nashville Half, despite a hillier-than-expected course. She found a new love for distance running. Numerous road races followed, as did a miserable first marathon at the Rock ‘n Roll New Orleans, where knee issues forced her to walk much of the course.

Mud Runner Chick

Kim eventually found herself itching to try different sports—namely obstacle course racing, which allowed her to combine distance running with obstacles and strength work. During this time, her alter ego as “Mud Runner Chick” first took shape. Before long, Kim was ready to take the triathlon plunge, competing in sprints, Olympics, and half-Iron distances leading up to an Ironman Florida 2016. During the event, Kim crashed her bike and would not be allowed to continue. After finishing an Ironman the following year, Kim switched to the trails. 


Her First 50K Ultra

In April 2019, Kim ran her first 50K ultra, following it up with an even faster 50K that December––a time that remains her second fastest ultra finish. She was drawn to the community’s supportive spirit, where everyone supports one another. As she explains, “It’s such a community that wants everybody to do well and really celebrates everyone’s small victories.” Another turn in Kim’s life would lead her to the next challenge. 

29029 Everesting

Kim didn’t stop there. After another unhappy relationship in 2019, she set her sights on 29029 Everesting. Kim was drawn to the grueling feat of completing the 29,000-vertical-foot elevation gain equivalent to the height of Everest. Though the Utah venue switched to virtual due to COVID, Kim persevered through 10 consecutive repeats running over 6,000 feet up a local mountainside trail. She continued to show relentless grit. While endurance sports fill Kim’s weekends, she’s also dedicated to helping others realize their athletic potential. 

Drawn to Empowering Everyday Athletes

After realizing nutrition’s role in recovery and performance, she became a dietitian. Although Kim briefly envisioned consulting for Olympians, she found herself drawn to empowering everyday athletes seeking to maximize their active lifestyles. This purpose led Kim to finding MRC Nutrition and Wellness, aimed at helping former athletes and current thrill-seekers reclaim their competitive edge. “It’s about rebuilding your endurance and athletic fire to live your most authentic life.” Kim continues pushing her own boundaries while motivating others to find the next challenge.