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Striking A Balance: Andrew Marmion’s Journey to the London Marathon

Striking a Balance: Andrew Marmion's London Marathon Training Run Tri Bike Enjoying The Journey

Resilience and determination are two attributes that will help endurance athletes achieve their dreams and goals. Andrew Marmion is a perfect example of these two components but how does he strike the balance? During our “Enjoying the Journey” series we get to follow his London Marathon training while he balances speed and mileage along with family, life and training. As we catch up with Andrew we will find out about his training progress, setbacks, and the balance of it all.

Slow Runs and Marathon Pace: A Delicate Balancing Act

Providing insight on his training journey, Andrew reflects on his deliberate embrace of slow runs, particularly in zones one and two, to maximize mileage. Describing a recent undulating run, Andrew shares his strategy to maintain a pace slower than his marathon goal, envisioning a smoother race day when accounting for undulations. “I feel like I’m sort of really embracing the slow run. Like zone one, zone two, because I’m trying to get as many miles in.” Andrew said.

However, Andrew acknowledges setbacks in his recent training, recounting a day when he felt unexpectedly unwell during a track session. Despite this hiccup, he maintains an optimistic outlook, attributing his recent challenges to potential fatigue and emphasizing the importance of listening to his body. Striking a balance with continued training and recovery is delicate but one all athletes face.

Balancing Mileage, Speed, and Strength Training

The conversation naturally shifts to the delicate balance between mileage and speed in Andrew’s training plan. Andrew’s approach to balancing the two, especially given the substantial time spent on easy-paced runs may be a challenge but Andrew is figuring it out. “My training follows a four week cycle. The first week is made up of just high mileage but all runs are easy. The next three weeks have 2 quality workouts each, which switch between long runs with marathon pace efforts, mile repeats, and intervals; with the remainder of the mileage made up of easy runs.” Andrew summarized how he is balancing both speed and mileage in his total workouts.

Andrew explains the inclusion of quality workouts, incorporating strides and hill sprints, as a means to touch on speed multiple times without compromising recovery. He discussed the importance of strategically infusing hard components into the training plan. This allows him to have a well-rounded approach that avoids overtraining.


Strides, Hills, and Unleashing Potential

On Threads, followers can see Andrew’s increased focus on strides and hill work. He also answers inquires about the rationale behind these additions on the platform. Andrew reveals that the choice to incorporate hill runs was influenced by safety concerns during icy weather. He stressed the importance of adapting the training plan to external factors.

Andrew further elaborates on his commitment to strides, expressing the joy and satisfaction derived from these short bursts of speed. He discusses the challenges of finding safe locations for workouts and protecting himself against potential injuries. As Andrew explained, “I think what I’m trying to do is bulletproof myself, without putting myself into a place where I could easily get injured.”

Balancing Act: Work, Family, and Marathon Training

The discussion expanded beyond running. Andrew discussed how he manages striking a balance between work, family life, and marathon training. He candidly shares the difficulties of aligning his son’s rugby schedule with his long Sunday runs. This is an example of the real-world challenges that endurance athletes face in pursuit of their goals.

Andrew acknowledges the impact of training on family time, recognizing the need for compromise and adjustments. Despite the challenges, he underscores the importance of finding a rhythm. This will allow him to pursue his passion while maintaining a sense of equilibrium in his personal life.

Looking Ahead: Unleashing the Potential in the Second Half

As the first half of Andrew’s training journey concluded, he reflected on his overall progress. Andrew gives himself an A- for running training, acknowledging minor blips but expressing satisfaction with his dedication. However, he recognizes room for improvement in strength training while acknowledging the constant juggle of life’s demands.

In anticipation of the second half, Andrew reveals his excitement about pushing himself harder in upcoming workouts. He expresses a keen interest in testing his limits and observing how his body responds to faster paces. Andrew is optimistic about the next three weeks, where he plans to unleash his potential. These weeks will be a gauge of the progress made during the first half. Can he strike a balance between ego and burnout during this second half?

Enjoying the Marathon Training Journey

As we continue with our “Enjoying the Journey,” series, Andrew Marmion’s marathon training unfolds in multiple ways. HIs dedication, resilience, and the delicate art of balancing various aspects of life are on full display. As he navigates the second half of his training, we will have a first hand look into the transformative nature of marathon preparation. We will be able to watch as he shares the triumphs and challenges that pave the way toward the ultimate goal. The finish line at the London Marathon.


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