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SheTris Sprint Triathlon South Charlotte

Where: North Carolina
When: June 2, 2024
Race length: Sprint Triathlon
Quick Tips:
• Mentally go through transition before you pack and when you unpack at transition.
• Remember this one day in 365.
SheTris All-Women Sprint Triathlon I'On Club
SheTris I'On Club 2024 Race Report Run Tri Bike
The best thing(s) about the race:
• I've competed and volunteered this race many times. This was a really well run event; the BEST thing was (hands down) the officer diverting traffic from turning off Park Road onto Sharon. This removes so many potential dangers!
• Good Energy
What was less than ideal: No.
What I didn't expect: The race met my expectations
Race organization: Very well organized.
Fuel and aid stations: Loved the reusable water cups.
Additional info: Confused about the one use plastic container water sponsor. I hope they donated a lot of money.
Overall grade: 5 stars