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She Tris Sprint Triathlon I’On Club by Aimee Ratner

Where: South Carolina
When: May 21, 2022
Race length: Sprint Triathlon
Quick Tips:
• Do the course, start to finish
• Soak it all up, enjoy the process, and do what you do…you are trained
She Tris Sprint Triathlon I'On Club Run Tri Bike Magazine
The best thing(s) about the race:
• The bike, other than the confusing turn about/finish
• The volunteers!
• The swim
What was less than ideal: The turn about for the second loop of the bike was quite confusing, and in my opinion somewhat dangerous
What I didn't expect: The slowness getting into the pool
Race organization: Excellent
Fuel and aid stations: No on course fuel that I saw
Overall grade: 5 stars