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SheTris Sprint Triathlon I’On Club by Athena Benton

Where: South Carolina
When: August 20, 2022
Race length: Sprint Triathlon
Quick Tips:
• Practice transition while training at home.
• Enjoy The Thrill
SheTris All-Women Sprint Triathlon Logo
SheTris Sprint Triathlon Hamlin Race Report
The best thing(s) about the race:
• My first race ever at 62! This triathlon was thrilling! I had never raced in any event. So I was on edge about what to do and where to go, how to set up transition, when to be where… so many unknowns! SheTris Hamlin was very well organized. Before the event they had a Facebook live video showing how to practice setting up transition, tips on the little things a first timer wouldn’t know. Day of race they had a slew of volunteers directing athletes coming into set up as well as giving directions at each event. The volunteers were also cheering everyone along the way! Such beautiful strangers, family and friends cheered and encouraged me like I was a champ! I felt so much emotion and pride at the finish line. What an accomplishment I had just completed. I couldn’t have participated in a better first triathlon.
• My first SheTris hooked me! I was addicted to the sport. I had to sign up for number 2…SheTris I’On 2023. Again the organization of this event and volunteers out did themselves. I can’t express how much I love this sport. How did I go my whole life not knowing how good this feels? I truly believe the support from the volunteers and other athletes make this event so tremendously special. The camaraderie and empowerment of an all female event gives me strength to keep moving. I do not have a favorite portion of the Tri but least like running…until I’m doing it! Everything was perfect for me.
What was less than ideal: Nothing
What I didn't expect: I didn’t expect the crowd size at the 2023 I’On Tri . It wasn’t a bad thing it just seemed like there were more athletes signed up than 2022.
Race organization: Very Well
Fuel and aid stations: Plenty
Additional info: Thanks for such a great time.
Overall grade: 5 stars