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SheTris Sprint South Charlotte

Where: North Carolina
When: June 2, 2024
Race length: Sprint Triathlon
Quick Tips:
• Have fun
• Your race your pace
SheTris All-Women Sprint Triathlon I'On Club
SheTris I'On Club 2024 Race Report Run Tri Bike
The best thing(s) about the race:
• Race was well organized. Angie and Sara did an amazing job. I was very happy when I saw Jeremy Davis from Set Up events. He did an amazing job as well. Also have to give a shout out to the incredible volunteers and the Charlotte police for keeping us safe.
• I really liked the fact that the transition area was closed until the last participant was finished with the bike. I've done many triathlons where I got back from the bike and people were leaving or were standing around because they were done. It made me feel so defeated.
• Shirt and medal were awesome. Also loved the free race pictures. You don't see that too often. We also got free samples and of course that popcorn was amazing.
What was less than ideal: The food was lacking. They need to contact Publix or Harris Teeter about donating some bananas, granola bars, etc. Real food would be nice as well. The muffins were good. I'm not a fan of bagels or yogurt.
What I didn't expect: I've done this race when it was Ramblin Rose. I thought I knew what to expect but this race really exceeded my expectations.
Race organization: Very well organized. Great website, excellent communication
Fuel and aid stations: I loved the reusable cups. I carried my own water but that is such a great idea to collect the cups, sanitize and reuse for another race. This was very short distance so there was only 1 aid station.
Additional info: I loved this race!. I had so much fun! I'll be back next year.
Overall grade: 5 stars