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Running To Raise Funds: The Journey of Michael Zwick and the Impact of Fundraising on His Goals

Running To Raise Funds Michael Zwick for Run Tri Bike Magazine

Endurance sports are often seen as a personal challenge—a journey to conquer physical limitations and achieve personal milestones. But for Michael Zwick, the Miami Half Marathon is not just a race against the clock; it’s a powerful force for change and proof of the impact one person can make through fundraising. Running to raise funds for others is selfless. Michael proves that while he benefits from the running, the ultimate goal is to help others.

Unexpected Beginnings: From Thanksgiving Conversations to Marathon Commitment

Michael’s journey into running to raise funds began unexpectedly. A conversation during Thanksgiving led him and his wife to participate in the Miami Half Marathon, supporting an organization close to their hearts—Friendship Circle. However, it was an encounter in the race’s corral that changed the course of Michael’s mission.

A Chance Encounter: Team Lifeline and a Personal Commitment

Amidst the chilly Miami weather, a friend of Michael’s brother introduced him to Team Lifeline, an organization supporting children with long-term or serious illnesses. This connection struck a chord with Michael and his wife, as their own daughter battled a rare blood disorder. This encounter sparked a commitment that has endured for nearly a decade, leading Michael to lace up his running shoes each year for a cause that has a direct impact on his family.

The chosen charity, Team Lifeline, provides invaluable support to children facing life-altering illnesses. Michael passionately explains, “Our daughter, who at that point was about seven years old, had been diagnosed when she was two with a one in 10 million blood disorder called polycythemia vera.” The organization not only provides medical support but also organizes life-changing programs and events for these children, all funded through donations and fundraising efforts.

More Than a Race: Turning the Miami Half Marathon into a Fundraising Platform

What makes Michael’s story unique is his dedication fund-raising having an impact on his running, not the other way around. The Miami Half Marathon becomes more than a physical challenge—it becomes a platform to raise awareness and funds for a cause that has touched his family personally.

In our conversation, Michael discussed the relationship between endurance sports and fundraising. He shares, “I think it’s a matter of, well, I’ve raised this money, I’ve got to do it. I can’t have raised all this money and then just not do the race.” The commitment to both the physical challenge and fundraising goal propels Michael forward. The combination creates a synergy between his athletic pursuits and philanthropic endeavors.


Strategic Fundraising: Perseverance, Spreadsheets, and Personal Connections

Michael’s fundraising journey is proof of the power of perseverance and a strategic approach. He organizes his outreach meticulously, using spreadsheets to keep track of conversations and donations. This methodical approach not only helps him surpass his fundraising goals but also inspires others to contribute to a cause that resonates with him.

Asking for support is not always easy, but Michael approaches it with determination and a genuine desire to make a difference. He shares, “I ask anybody and everybody. Social media posts help, but I find that you have to do the one-on-ones.” The personal touch and genuine connection fostered through individual conversations contribute to the success of his fundraising campaigns.

Community Celebration: The Impact of Michael’s Fundraising Beyond Numbers

The impact of Michael’s efforts goes beyond monetary contributions. The annual Miami Half Marathon is a celebration of community and solidarity. The organization he supports, Team Lifeline, becomes the focus of attention during the race, with participants proudly donning their jerseys. Michael recounts, “Ours is the largest organization that participates every year, so we get a big shout out.” The sense of camaraderie and shared purpose among participants creates an uplifting atmosphere throughout the event.

Running with purpose has transformed Michael’s life and imparted valuable lessons to his children. His dedication to helping others, trying new things, and testing one’s limits serve as powerful examples. In a moment of reflection, Michael shares, “We want our kids to remember the importance of helping others, but also to try new things and to test yourself.”

Setting Higher Goals: Michael’s Annual Ritual of Growth and Impact

As Michael prepares for another Miami Half Marathon, his fundraising goal reflects not only a numerical target but a symbol of continuous growth and impact. The annual ritual of setting higher fundraising goals serves as a source of motivation. He is inspiring others to contribute and support the cause.

In the combination of running and charitable giving, Michael Zwick’s story stands out. He is an example of determination, compassion, and community. His journey demonstrates that the true power of fundraising lies not just in financial contributions but in the transformative impact it has on individuals, families, and communities. His yearly race becomes a canvas for Michael to paint a narrative. That narrative is one of hope, resilience, and the unwavering spirit of giving back. Running to raise funds is a different perspective. Michael’s view is different but maybe it should be more mainstream?


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