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Running Strong Together: The Inception of Ultrabuds

Running Strong Together: Ultrabuds Club Spotlight on Run Tri Bike

In the heart of the running community, where passion for miles and camaraderie converges, Isabella “IzzyB” Janovick planted the seeds of what would grow into a dynamic running group known as the Ultrabuds. The journey from a solo runner to the founder of a thriving running community reflects the spirit of connection, endurance, and a shared love for the open trails.

For the Everyday Runner

When Izzy first started trail running and training for her first ultra in San Diego, CA, there was only one trail meetup group during that time. Unfortunately, this amazing group only hosted runs in the mountains. These runs were a little too far of a drive for the everyday runner looking to get less miles in and closer to home. With the support of the non-profit Run North County, and many local trail running friends, Izzy founded the Ultrabuds Run Club in 2014, a social running group that meets once a week on Saturday mornings, on the popular trails around Lake Hodges.

The Ethos of Ultrabuds

Being a female runner and emotionally impacted by the 2010 murder of Chelsea King, a high school runner who was kidnapped and murdered on the same Lake Hodges trails, Izzy wanted to create a safe environment for women and others to run. Isolation and unfamiliar surroundings can make runners feel insecure and vulnerable to threats from other people or animals. When running or hiking with others, people can also feel more comfortable if they were to get injured, run out of water or fuel, get lost, or run at night. Izzy wanted to create a safe space that welcomed runners and walkers of all levels, fostering a sense of encouragement and support. The ethos of Ultrabuds lies not just in running fast, but in running strong together, and having fun while doing it.

A Space Where Every Runner is Celebrated

Isabella’s commitment to inclusivity is evident in Ultrabud’s diverse free membership. The club is open to all ages, backgrounds and abilities. You can find a common ground within the group regardless of ability. Whether a seasoned ultra marathon runner or a beginner tackling their first 5k, Ultrabuds is a space where every runner is celebrated. With six Run Leaders, and one Walk Leader (Izzy’s 71 year old mom), there is always a welcoming face for newbies and regulars.

A Force for Positive Change

The Ultrabuds calendar is marked not just by race days, but by a plethora of community events. Weekly group trail runs, social gatherings, backyard ultras, trail maintenance days, traveling to destination races, and volunteering at local races. These initiatives underscore the commitment to not only personal growth, but also the betterment of the community at large. Izzy’s leadership ensures the Ultrabuds is not just a running group, but a force for positive change.

Seeking a trail running community in the North County San Diego area? Ultrabuds Run Club celebrated every step and every runner. You will be seen and supported in their group. Izzy’s vision has blossomed into a testament of collective strength. Ultrabuds proves that the joy of running is magnified when shared with like-minded individuals. Join them and become a part of the Trail Family that goes the extra mile by running strong together.


Running Strong Together: Ultrabuds Club Spotlight on Run Tri Bike
President: Isabella “IzzyB” Janovick