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Running, Coaching, and Unconventional Fun: Amanda Brooks Fireside Chat #82

Running Coaching and Unconventional Fun with Amanda Brooks on the Fireside Chat with Run Tri Bike

Welcome to the 82nd installment of our Fireside Chat series, where we dive deep into the world of running, coaching and unconventional fun with Amanda Brooks, the brilliant mind behind Run To The Finish. Joined by Jason Bahamundi, the insightful founder of Run Tri Bike, and the dynamic Co-Owner Aum Gandhi, this fireside conversation is a must-watch for every endurance athlete seeking inspiration and motivation.

Amanda Brooks: A Journey from Blogging Pioneer to Running Coach Extraordinaire

Embark on a captivating journey spanning 13 years as Amanda shares her evolution from the ‘old’ blogging days to her current role as a running coach extraordinaire. From humble beginnings, she has emerged as a guiding beacon in the running community, enriching the lives of enthusiasts and beginners alike with her wealth of experience.

The Changing Landscape of Endurance Sports

In this Fireside Chat, Amanda delves into the transformative changes in the running and blogging landscape. Explore the evolution of her coaching business and the creation of a vibrant virtual run club. Gain insights into how technology has revolutionized fitness, making it more accessible and engaging than ever. Discover the secrets to her enduring success and the profound impact she has had on countless runners.

The Importance of Fun in Endurance Sports

Amanda shares a perspective that goes beyond the typical narratives of training and racing. Learn why injecting fun into endurance sports is a crucial component of long-term success. Her vibrant spirit and passion for running will inspire you to lace up your shoes and hit the pavement with a newfound joy.

Pineapple on Pizza Debates and Unconventional Food Choices

Join the laughter as we tackle the notorious pineapple 🍍 on pizza debate and delve into Amanda’s unconventional food choices. From PB&J revelations to her unique approach to enjoying nut butter, this fireside chat is a delightful exploration of the lighter side of a runner’s palate.

Why You Can’t Miss This Fireside Chat

For running enthusiasts, fitness fanatics, and those seeking inspiration, this Fireside Chat is a treasure trove of insights and laughter. Jason Bahamundi, Aum Gandhi, and Amanda Brooks bring a perfect blend of expertise, humor, and genuine passion. From the nostalgia of early blogging days to the current landscape of virtual running communities, this chat transcends the ordinary. Click now to watch, be inspired, entertained, and perhaps challenged in your pineapple pizza beliefs. Don’t miss out on this unforgettable Fireside Chat with Amanda Brooks! πŸŽ€πŸƒβ€β™‚οΈπŸ•

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