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Riding Together: Queer Cycle Crew

The QCC is all about riding together

Create a Space

Deep in the English countryside, something new is starting to roll. Queer Cycle Crew (QCC) is a cycling community created by Jamie June Hill (They/She) to build a friendly, inspiring community for LGBTQA+ cyclists of all skills. QCC was inspired when Hill discovered the gravel cycling scene and saw Abi Robbins as an out queer athlete. “Seeing Abi felt like the first time I saw a sport where I truly belonged,” Jamie June says. That planted the seed for QCC. Jamie June wanted to create a space where LGBTQA+ cyclists could find motivation, inspiration, and community on roads and trails. Jamie June wanted to ensure LGBTQ+ cyclists could see themselves in endurance sports by helping others in riding together.

One Community Who Belongs on Bikes

“People are constantly trying to stop queer people from participating in sports,” Hill says. “I can’t answer that negativity directly. But I know everyone deserves to feel the amazing freedom of cycling.” At its heart, QCC is about empowering people to ride without judgment. “It doesn’t matter if you’re pedaling around the block or doing a 300-mile event,” Jamie June says. “We’re one community who belongs on bikes.”

The Iconic Triangle Logo

This philosophy continues to thrive with QCC’s growing online presence. QCC is built around sharing motivational stories, event reviews, and product recommendations through an LGBTQA+ perspective. The iconic triangle logo, inspired by the symbol reclaimed by LGBTQA+ activists, is designed to signal a safe community wherever it appears. “I want our triangle to be an icon that tells you you’re welcome when you see it,” says Hill. “So if you arrive at a trail and see our logo, you know there are people you can ride with or who have your back.”


First Official QCC Ride

While building this online community, Jamie June is also planning real-world group rides and events. They envision the first official QCC ride happening this summer in the beach town of Southend-on-Sea. The goal is to make the event a casual, inclusive chance for people to get pedaling.

A Global Movement

Looking ahead, Jamie June envisions QCC growing into a global movement with local chapters everywhere. From relaxed coffee shop meetups to epic bikepacking trips, the goal is providing ways for LGBTQA+ cyclists of all levels to get involved. “I want to show both sides – you can do a cruisy family ride or join a big endurance event and really push yourself,” Jamie June says. “The core focus is giving our community confidence, motivation and inspiration to get out there.”

The Closest We’ll Ever Get to Flying

Much like the gravel scene it grew from, Queer Cycle Crew is charting an adventurous and inclusive path. By creating an intentional space for LGBTQA+ cyclists to enjoy riding together with pride, Hill hopes to share cycling’s pure joy and freedom. “Cycling is the closest we’ll ever get to flying,” says Jamie June. “If I can give people a taste of that amazing feeling, QCC’s mission will be accomplished.”


Riding Together: Queer Cycle Crew Run Tri Bike
President: Jamie June Hill (They/She)