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Trail Golf Endurance Challenge

When: June 15, 2024
Where: Valparaiso, IN
Race type(s): Ultra

Get ready for a hole new adventure!
Introducing the Trail Golf Endurance Challenge 50K/10M, a one-day 9-hole stage race where the lowest cumulative score wins!

-How does it work?-
At the top of each hour everyone will start the same route, or “Hole”, of about 3-4 miles in length. Depending on the time window you finish in, you’ll receive a stroke score (“Birdie”, “Par”, “Bogey”, etc). 9 Holes in total for the 50k, 3 Holes for the 10-miler (see routes on website). Like in golf, the goal is to have the lowest score.
The time windows have been calculated for each Hole and are based on the total distance covered and overall pace (see table on website). For example, if you run 10-12min/mile pace for each hole, you’ll be hitting Par. For scoring, “Eagle” is always 2 strokes, “Birdie” gets you 3, “Par” is 4, and so on.!

-Choose Your Challenge-
Opt for the 50k and conquer all 9 Holes or go for the 10-mile option and take on holes 4 thru 6.

-Solo or Relay-
Whether you’re a lone trail warrior or prefer teamwork, you’ve got options for how you want to tackle this. Split up the holes with a couple buddies, or take ’em on alone – your strategy will play a key role on race day.

50K starts with Hole 1 at 9:00 AM
10M starts with Hole 4 at 12:00 PM

Check out the event website for more details