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The Lake Run

When: May 1, 2021
Where: Hudson, IL
Race type(s): 13.1M, 12K, 7K, 3M

The first Lake Run, a loop around Lake Bloomington, was held in 1982 and had 224 finishers. The race became an annual event, added a shorter loop and continues to grow each year. Check out the new elements to the race this year!

In addition to the standard age group classifications, the race has footpounder classes for men over 220 lb and women over 190 lb, as well as footpounder light: 190-219 lb (men) and 150lb – 179lb (women).

The 1/2 marathon course features the best of both inner (4.37 miles) and outer loop (7.44 miles) courses. All races have chip timing and race results posted live during the event. Great post food, beer tent with more than one beer option and awards ceremony.