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Ruck 'N' Run

When: November 9, 2024
Where: Republic, MO
Race type(s): .56K, 7.62K, 11.11K, .9 mile
Race type(s): Other

10th Annual! Ruck ‘N’ Run is a registered trademark.

Only 500 registration spots available!

Come HONOR & Celebrate our Veterans, BUILD camaraderie, & CONNECT with your community! Come Ruck ā€˜Nā€™ Run Republic!

Created in 2015 by an Army Drill Sergeant, Ruck ā€˜Nā€™ Run is the first ever boot-camp-inspired walk/run event that honors Veterans, builds camaraderie, and connects the community.

Our Veterans Day weekend walk/run event features 4 distance options with exercise stations along the route.

RUCK it or RUN it:

Ruckers, ruck; carry a weight: rucksack/backpack/weighted vest. We recommend you load your rucksack/backpack with canned goods for homeless Veterans to donate after you cross the finish line. Runners, run; do not carry any weight.
You choose:

Participant (just for fun) or Competitor (prescribed requirements)Solo or Team 5.56K, 7.62K, 11.11K, or our free .9 mile, Republic, MO or virtually