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Kids Triathlon for Bob Kelleher

When: June 13, 2021
Where: Rumson, NJ
Race type(s): Triathlon

Exercising, having fun with the kids and helping others to reach their goals and potential are allæpart of Bob Kelleher’s legacy and the spirit in which this race has been founded. The Kids Tri foræBob Kelleher, the first kids triathlon to be held atæVictory ParkæinæRumson,æNJ. This event will beæheld in memory of Bob Kelleher, a Rumson resident who passed away unexpectedly in July 2009.æThis event is particularly appropriate to honor Bob, as it conveys some of the passions that wereæso much a part of his daily life. To name a few, Bob was an avid Triathlete, participating inænumerous local races as well as completing three “IronMan” Competitions inæLake Placid,æNY.æ