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Circle Endurance Event 3, 6, 12, 24 Hour

When: November 23, 2024
Where: Ringgold, GA
Race type(s): Ultra, Other

Welcome to the 2nd Circle Series Event hosted at the wonderful Ringgold High School in Ringgold GA.
The Circle Event Series is brought to you by the Race Directors of the Mad Backyard Ultra, Locomotion Endurance Event, and the ER 50. The 24-hour running track race is an endurance event where participants aim to cover the maximum distance possible within a 24-hour period. Runners circle a track continuously, taking breaks as needed, with the goal of completing as many laps as they can within the time limit. This grueling event tests runners’ physical and mental stamina, requiring strategic pacing, nutrition management, and mental fortitude to push through fatigue and clock in as many miles as possible. Participants often experience physical and emotional highs and lows throughout the race, making it a challenging yet rewarding test of endurance.