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Break the Silence 5K: Rally for Suicide Awareness and Prevention

When: March 23, 2024
Where: Cary, NC
Race type(s): 5k

Our Mission

Our mission for the Break the Silence 5k is to eradicate the stigma surrounding mental health. Through our annual event, we raise funds for a local organization dedicated to mental health awareness and crisis intervention. Join us in breaking the silence, fostering open conversations, and building a supportive community where everyone’s voice is heard. Together, we aim for a world where mental health takes precedence, ensuring that no one faces their challenges alone.

Originating in 2011 as a Sigma Pi fraternity initiative in memory of our late brother, Marc Haege, the Break the Silence 5K has evolved into a growing annual event. Since its inception, we have raised upwards of $25,000/year for a local organization, with increasing participation and donations each year. Our goal is to donate $100,000 to further support mental health efforts. Join us in making a difference – let’s break the silence together.

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  • Be a Part of Something Bigger: This isn’t just a race; it’s a movement. By joining early, you become an integral part of a community dedicated to breaking the silence on important issues.

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Your early commitment can make a world of difference. Let’s come together to run, to raise awareness, and to break the silence. Register now and be a part of this incredible journey!