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Bear Lake Brawl Triathlon

When: September 14, 2024
Where: St Charles, ID
Race type(s): Ultra, Sprint Triathlon, Olympic Triathlon, Swimming

The Bear Lake Brawl Triathlon is held at Bear Lake State Park (Idaho) on the Idaho side and East side of Bear Lake. Bear Lake is often called the Caribbean of the Rockies due to its incredibly blue water set in high in the mountains. This race has four distances.

Full 140 2/3 Distance Ultra – Swim 2.4 Miles, Bike 112 Miles, Run 26.2 Miles

Half 70 1/3 Distance Long – Swim 1.2 Miles, Bike 56 Miles, Run 13.1 Miles

Olympic Distance Intermediate – Swim 1500 Meters, Bike 24.8 Miles, Run 6.2 Miles

Sprint Distance Short – Swim 750 Meters, Bike 12.4 Miles, Run 3.1 Miles