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Muslimahs Endure

Muslimahs Endure Run Tri Bike Club Spotlight

Muslimahs Endure was started in 2014, by Nura Goodson, as a way to introduce women to sport. Nura is a runner and recognized that there was a need to have fully covered Muslim women to not only participate in sport but to feel comfortable doing it.

Today, many of us purchase race and training gear without thinking about much. Does it fit? Yes, purchase. For fully covered Muslim women, the gear is hard to come by. Nura recognized this and set out to change this situation.

Growing Over The Past 8 Years

The growth over the past 8 years has been slow but it has been steady. What was started by 1 person now has approximately 650 members in a Facebook group sharing stories and insights into being not just a Muslim woman, but a Muslim woman in the endurance sports world.

The group has grown so much that they changed their name from Muslimahs Run to Muslimahs Endure. That change is also noted in their logo. In the logo you will see the ripples of water, the treads of a bike tire and the footprint of a running shoe. This is just a small example of how this group is growing and changing.

By starting the group, Nura has created a space for not just Muslim women, but all women to participate. As noted by Nura, we are alone until we create a space. Today, that space has been created and has led to many news firsts.

The Future Of The Club

For example, the group has a goal to operate nationally. That starts at the beginning in Atlanta and has moved into Memphis, Los Angeles, Philadelphia, Florida and Houston. Beyond growing geographically, the group wants to ensure that there is room for all types of athletes.

To that, the started a ballet program for girls. You may ask yourself, how does that tie into endurance sports? Beyond the dedication to becoming better and the physical component of ballet, there is the opening of space. Once again, Nura is creating a space for people to feel comfortable to participate in.

If you think that you have to be an athlete placing at events to participate in Muslimahs Endure, you’d be wrong. The group is open to all fitness levels and their participation is based on time and not distance. To that end, there are monthly challenges to help engage the athletes and provide them with an environment to challenge themselves and others.

What We See In The World…..

2023 is a year for explosive growth for Nura and the Muslimahs Endure group. As Nura said, ‘What we see in the world is what we receive from the world.’ Be a part of this group and you will receive more than you expected. Camaraderie, laughter, empathy, challenge…..there isn’t much more that you would want from a group or club.

Click HERE to visit the Muslimahs Endure website and start your journey today.


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Muslimahs Endure Run Tri Bike Club Spotlight
President: Nura Goodsone