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Tri Beginners Luck Podcast – Kinetic Multisports RD Greg Hawkins

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The 10th episode of Tri Beginner’s Luck with host MichanaShines, brings you Kinectic Multisports RD Greg Hawkins.

Episode 10: The Kinetic Force Behind Kinetic Multiports: Greg Hawkins

Race directors may not get as much limelight as athletes and coaches – but they should! After all, we wouldn’t have any races if it weren’t for the race director! This week, we chat with  Greg Hawkins, owner and race director of Kinetic Multisports, to get an inside view on how the RD is one of the most important ingredients for our race day fun and safety.

Greg started with humble beginnings, riding his bike to school because he was too proud to ride the bus. On one of his rides, he saw a sign that would change the trajectory of his life.  It was a flyer for a triathlon.  From his first race, he was hooked and his love affair for triathlons began..  He went on to volunteer and then work for a production company, which helped him to realize he loved event production and wanted to do his part to have a party on wheels.

We talk to Greg about the importance of safety at a race, what a beginner should expect, and the importance of being a USAT member (which you may recall a similar message from episode 1 when we talked with Rocky Harris).  We also chat about how racing has changed since Covid and what it takes to be a race director,  if you are interested.

If you haven’t learned by now there is always a chance an episode can go off the rails and of course this episode is no different.  We talk about all things triathlon – and then some!

Greg is very passionate  about creating a safe yet fun and vibrant  race experience. To help with that he stresses the importance of reading all the material sent prior to race day. 99% of the answers are there and it will help in ensuring everyone has a great race.  We also chat about the most commonly violated Rules… Check it out!

This is a great episode and I hope you learn, laugh, and #GoraceKinetic #GoKinetic. Be sure to say hi to Kinetic Multiports RD Greg Hawkins and tell him we sent you!

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