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Internal Battle: David Morrison’s Journey to Tanzania

David Morrison waged an internal battle while fighting the elements.
David Morrison
Year started: 2017
Next race: Ultra X Tanzania
Favorite gear:
  • X-Bionic Invent Compression Top: Helps regulate my body temperature perfectly during my events.
  • PureSport CBD Muscle & Joint Freeze Roll-On

“I’ve always been someone who has kept active,” says David Morrison. Morrison grew up focusing on team sports, with running being little more than a “side project”. Over time his attention moved on to tennis and skiing in which he worked a couple of ski seasons. Tendinopathy in his knees meant that David was no longer able to carry out these activities, and so began to focus on running, completing his first half marathon which he had longed to do. Little did David know that this would set David down the path of an incredible running journey. Despite this, Morrison quietly waged an internal battle. 

Eating Disorders 

What started subtly, built over the course of a decade as David struggled with numerous eating disorders and only opened up about recently. “You don’t realise how badly affected you are until people start noticing how you look, and then it hits you.” David began to notice his body shut down bit by bit. He persevered through the disorder for years – until he hit that breaking point. Two weeks before Ultra X Jordan in 2022, David was hospitalised with low potassium levels. “I was on a drip for 24 hours and it put the race in jeopardy.”

Unlocked Commitment 

A decade of his body experiencing biological consequences from his actions, David was forced to confront his demons and face reality whilst lying in hospital. Despite all the advice encouraging not to participate, and experiencing symptoms of REDs (Relative Energy Deficiency in Sport), David was too invested in the race in Jordan and pursued it as planned. In the uncomfortable and searing environment of Jordan’s Wadi Rum Desert, a shift began inside David. Morrison viewed Jordan as an opportunity rather than a hindrance to his health, “You can’t wing nutrition and hydration out there, if you don’t get it right then it will cause serious problems” he explained. Simply by putting one foot in front of the other for each endless mile, he slowly rediscovered fading resilience. In finishing the punishing multi-day event, David took home much more than he was looking for under the desert sun. He finally found a commitment towards fighting his own internal battles and one which is far more prevalent than we realize within the sporting world. 


Across the Swedish Coast 

David followed this effort up with a 5-day stage event in Sweden, in which he ran across the Swedish High Coast. During this event, David was involved with an incredible community with the event created for the sole purpose to end modern slavery. Inspired by their incredible project partners at Ella’s who joined midway through the event, Morrison heard firsthand some of the powerful stories from survivors who have had their freedom taken from them. Over 50 million people are living in modern slavery worldwide with an estimated 136,000 people trafficked and exploited in the UK. “We are so easily consumed in our own needs that it can be easy to forget about other victims of physical and psychological abuse. They need support to rebuild their lives through work, safe living accommodation, therapy, education, medical and legal support – and get their lives back on track.”


On February 26th, he’ll toe the starting line of Ultra X Tanzania – a 220-kilometer, 5-day stage race winding through the African country’s sweeping landscapes and climb part of Kilimanjaro. David’s training is structured differently for this event. Working around a tight work schedule with his line of work, he has found himself adapting in Altitude Simulators, and squeezing in early morning runs alongside strength and conditioning work. Normally driven to compete and prepare rigorously, Tanzania will be more about embracing and enjoying himself. Morrison is excited to embrace the scenic backcountry in all its glory. 

A Voice for Men 

After the event, David plans to bask in the sun on the beaches of Zanzibar and enjoy some well-earned R&R. About to transition out of his current career, he plans to take the time to reflect, travel, and pursue writing on a deeper level and he enters a new chapter in his life. While David knows his internal battle against his eating disorders has no finish line, he continues to move forward. David hopes to continue being a voice for men struggling with their mental health, hoping to encourage others to open up and speak out about their issues.