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Inspiring Multi-Sport Journey: Jamii North

Inspiring Multi-Sport Journey: Jamii North Run Tri Bike Fireside Chat

Welcome to the 109th episode of the Run Tri Bike Fireside Chat! In this conversation, our founder Jason Bahamundi sits down with Coach Jamii North to dive into her inspiring multi-sport journey. Whether you’re a seasoned triathlete, an aspiring duathlete, or just someone looking for motivation, Jamii’s story is sure to inspire and encourage you to pursue your goals with renewed passion and dedication.

Meet Coach Jamii North

Jamii North’s journey into multi-sport began with a bang—her first triathlon was the Iron-distance Vineman. This monumental feat marked the beginning of her journey to push beyond limits. Jamii’s story is not just about competing but about embracing the challenges and enjoying the journey. Her transition from athlete to coach shows her passion for the sport and her desire to help others achieve their dreams.

Coaching Philosophy: Empowering Perimenopausal Women

One of the standout aspects of Jamii’s coaching philosophy is her focus on perimenopausal women. She emphasizes the importance of strength training and offers invaluable insights for endurance athletes at any stage of their journey. Jamii believes that with the right training and mindset, athletes can not only maintain but enhance their performance during this stage of life. Her approach is tailored, inclusive, and designed to meet the unique needs of her athletes, ensuring they feel empowered and supported.

Mastering Transitions: Key to Efficient Racing

A crucial element of multi-sport events is mastering transitions, and Jamii has some expert advice on this front. She and Jason discuss various strategies and practices that can help athletes save precious time and energy during races. From equipment setup to mental preparation, Jamii’s tips are essential for anyone looking to improve their efficiency and overall race performance. These practical insights can make a significant difference, turning good performances into great ones.


Community and Support: Feisty Menopause

Finding a supportive community is vital for any athlete, and this is especially true for women navigating the challenges of menopause. Jamii highlights the incredible work of Feisty Media and their Feisty Menopause platform. This community provides resources, support, and a sense of belonging, helping female athletes continue to thrive. The importance of a supportive network cannot be overstated, and platforms like Feisty Menopause play a crucial role in the well-being and success of their members.

Fun Segment – Food Talk

To wrap things up, we have a fun and light-hearted segment where Jamii and Jason discuss some delicious and sometimes contentious food topics. Does Jamii like pineapple on pizza? Is red velvet a real cake flavor? And most importantly, what part of a tray of brownies does she go for first? This part of the discussion adds a personal touch to the episode, allowing you to get to know Jamii beyond her athletic achievements and coaching expertise.

Special Thanks

We extend a big thank you to our special guest Badwater06 for joining us and providing additional comments and laughter. Your contributions added to the enjoyment and richness of this episode. It’s always a pleasure to have such enthusiastic and knowledgeable guests on our show.

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Don’t miss our next episode, where we will have an insightful conversation with Dr. Amy Gargin. Stay tuned for more inspiring stories, expert advice, and fun moments on the Run Tri Bike Fireside Chat. We are committed to bringing you the best in endurance sports content, helping you stay motivated and informed.

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