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Golden Gate Triathlon Club

Golden Gate Triathlon Club Run Tri Bike Magazine Club Spotlight

The Golden Gate Triathlon Club is more than just weekly swims, rides, and runs; it’s a thriving community that warmly embraces beginners and fosters a sense of camaraderie among all its members. Stepping into the club, whether you’re a novice or a seasoned triathlete, feels like joining a supportive family.

For beginners, the club’s welcoming atmosphere is a breath of fresh air. The club ambassadors and coaches go the extra mile to make newcomers feel comfortable, offering guidance, advice, and a genuine eagerness to help them succeed. It’s an environment where questions are encouraged, and every achievement, even if it’s as simple as making it to the start line healthy, is celebrated.

GGTC’s essence extends beyond training sessions. It’s a melting pot of shared passion, where friendships are formed during group rides, open-water swims, and frequent stops for post-run pastries. The club’s organized social events, workshops, and volunteer activities make it a vibrant community that thrives on collective growth. We welcome everyone and are proud to have members spanning over 60 years of age and all sorts of backgrounds.

Golden Gate Triathlon Club is a haven for anyone seeking not only to improve their athletic abilities but also to be part of a diverse and close-knit community. It’s a place where the finish line is just the beginning of the journey, and the real victory lies in the friendships forged and the unwavering support offered by fellow members.

Golden Gate Triathlon Club Run Tri Bike Magazine Club Spotlight
President: Brett Mann