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FW Tri Club – Friends Who Tri

Members of the FW Tri club

FW Tri Club – Friends Who Tri makes inclusion a top priority. Our members range from beginners to the very experienced, from sprint triathletes to multiple Ironman finishers. We have people who focus on short course, long course, and even off-road courses. The one thing we all have in common is a love for the sport of triathlon. We enjoy sharing training, socializing with like minded people, and giving back to the sport and community we love. We’re currently focused on adapting through adversity to keep members motivated, engaging with one another while remaining supportive of our mission to give back to our local community. Our people each remember one thing: we all started somewhere and we all have plenty that we can do to learn and improve. We are an official USAT registered club that is a solely volunteer driven, non-profit.

Fort Worth Tri Club
President: Bob Kilinski