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TNT TriClub

TNT is a TEAM focused on having fun and training hard. They have welcomed teammates into the group who had never been on a bike and moved on to complete their first 70.3 triathlon within the same year. The motto of the team is ‘stronger together’ and it isn’t just words, but a belief that the team is #strongertogether. A They work to challenge everyone to be the best version of themselves in the sport and in life.

TNT member Skyler McKinley says, “We are a hard team to describe… honestly, we run donut shop to donut shop and do cartwheels through marathon training. We goof off a lot, but there is nothing more empowering when you face the struggle bus during a race than knowing I have faced worse with my team. I made it then so I’m gonna make it now. I hold onto that same mentality in life too. I don’t even really know how we all found each other, but God just kind of placed us in the right spot at the right time, saw Tara [Connell King] and said ‘I need you to lead and organize these go getting little tic tacs and turn this mismatched camaraderie into a home’. She did and now everyone knows us.”

We are not a typical “club” and believe the team environment gives responsibility to each member to make us all great. Pro triathlete, Jenny Fletcher, agrees that this isn’t the typical ‘club’ and that each member, led by Tara Connell King, makes the club great. Fletcher says, “When I moved to TX, I knew no one. Tara was one of the first people I met and immediately I knew her vibe and energy and the TNT team was the type of group I wanted to be a part of. Hard working but with humor to aid the pain of pushing the limits. These are the friendliest faces and hearts that truly want to see everyone succeed in life and sport, and part of their charm as a team is they truly love each other and share life together.”

If you are looking for a tribe to join this is definitely the one. As we can all agree when you find the right tribe everything is #bettertogether.

TNT Multi Sport
President: Tara Connell King