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Fueling the Endurance Athlete: A Culinary Fireside Chat

Fueling the Endurance Athlete Fireside Chat with Run Tri Bike Community Leaders Brittany Olson and Adam Turrrey

In our most recent Fireside Chat, we embarked on a culinary adventure like no other with two of our beloved community leaders, Adam Turrey of Lucid Motion Fitness and Brittany Olson of Sunrise Trails Coaching. While upcoming races were on the agenda, it was the unexpected and delectable world of fueling the endurance athlete that truly stole the show.

The Great PB&J Debate

Our chat began with a timeless debate that has puzzled sandwich enthusiasts for generations – the perfect PB&J creation. Are you a believer in spreading jelly on one slice of bread, butter on the other, and then uniting them in sandwich harmony? Or do you boldly go all-in on one slice and then bring them together? The great PB&J divide was conquered!

Burger Mastery

However, our appetite for discussion wasn’t satisfied there. We delved into the realm of burgers. What tantalizing toppings do you load onto your burger? Are you a staunch ketchup-mustard-pickle traditionalist, or do you embrace innovation and craft your burger masterpiece?

The sweet-tooth discussions followed, and we unmasked our top three candy choices. 

Whether you find solace in the embrace of chocolate or the chewy allure of gummies, our candy preferences reveal a lot about us. The battle of the sweets got heated!

Pizza Capitals Clash

The age-old pizza debate was the pièce de résistance. Do you relish the colossal, thin slices of New York pizza? Perhaps you crave the deep-dish extravagance of Chicago? Or have you unearthed the pizza secrets of Detroit? The clash of the pizza capitals took center stage in our Fireside Chat!

Just when you thought our culinary journey was complete, we uncovered Jason’s awe-inspiring expertise in the foods that have shaped America. Prepare to be dazzled by the culinary wisdom he imparts. And let’s not forget Aum’s revelation about his unexpected french fry dipping choices. While some might deem them unreasonable, they are undoubtedly fascinating.

More Than Running

This Fireside Chat transcended the typical discussions about races and training. It was a delightful plunge into the world of food choices, culinary enigmas, and delightful surprises that help in fueling the endurance athlete. If you’re craving scrumptious insights and perhaps some inspiration for your next meal, click to watch now! You won’t want to miss this entertaining episode of our Fireside Chat series.

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