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From the Brink of Darkness to the Triumph of Dreams: The Inspiring Journey of Loehr Young

brink of darkness to triumph of loehr young in the Run Tri Bike Magazine How It All Started feature.
Loehr Young
Year started: 2017
Next race: January 28, 2024 / Classic City Marathon / Athens, GA
Favorite gear:

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In the realm of athletes who rise from the ashes of despair to conquer their passions and inspire others, Loehr Young’s journey stands out as a testament to the indomitable human spirit. Loehr’s tale is not just about overcoming personal battles but also about embracing one’s dreams against all odds. His story resonates with the core theme of the importance of pursuing what makes us happy, no matter what others might think. Loehre has gone from the brink of darkness to the triumph of dreams through endurance sports.

A Journey of Redemption and Resilience

The first striking feature about Loehr Young is the tattoo on his left arm – a delicate yet bold image resembling a butterfly. Upon closer examination, however, it’s two child-like feet shaded in a mesmerizing turquoise hue. Just as this tattoo captivates attention, Loehr’s journey from the brink of self-destruction to becoming a symbol of resilience and transformation is equally captivating.

Pronounced as “lair,” much like the fierce abode of a dragon, Loehr’s life began with an affinity for adventure. Early on, he found himself drawn to BMX riding, fueled by the thrill of taking risks and pushing his limits. His dream of becoming a professional BMX rider was a reflection of his desire to live life on his terms, a characteristic that later intertwined with his struggles.

The Battle with Darkness and Redemption

Loehr’s life took a darker turn as he battled with alcoholism from a young age. His rebellious spirit and desire for independence contributed to his affinity for drinking. However, it was a brush with death that truly shook him awake. On August 23rd 2023, Loehr marked six years of sobriety, a milestone that holds profound significance. His drinking habits had almost led him to the brink of death, with a ruptured portal vein in his lower gastrointestinal tract. The subsequent two-week ICU stay became a turning point, forcing him to confront the gravity of his choices.

Emerging from this dark chapter, Loehr found solace and newfound purpose in cycling, a passion he had nurtured since his youth. The transformation was not just physical but also mental. He discovered that pursuing a passion was incompatible with the life of a heavy drinker. The hangovers and misery clashed with the vibrant, active lifestyle he was determined to lead.

Embracing New Horizons

Loehr’s rekindled love for cycling was a gateway to a broader world of sports. Inspired by his own progress on the bike, he ventured into running. He initially found it frustrating due to its stark contrast to his cycling prowess. However, he persevered, unlocking the power of endorphins and embracing the challenge head-on.

During our conversation he considered triathlons, a notion he hesitated on. Despite his self-acknowledged shortcomings as a swimmer, Loehr realized that life rewarded those who dared to take risks. This realization became evident as he mentioned that he should have participated in a recent triathlon. He didn’t mention this once, but multiple times. This reflection of his journey is indicative of his resilience and refusal to be confined by limitations.

Life Beyond Athletics: Wisdom and Community

Loehr’s experiences didn’t just shape his athletic pursuits; they also transformed his outlook on life. His connection with his wife’s current battle against breast cancer emphasized the importance of perspective. Running and mountain biking are his outlets to cope with the emotional whirlwind. The trails and roads offer respite from his worries, enabling him to momentarily escape from the shadows of adversity. He says that his wife will also comeback from the brink of darkness to triumph over her disease.

His interaction with the vibrant cycling and running community highlight the power of unity in shared struggles. The camaraderie he has found transcends social roles, bringing together individuals from diverse walks of life. These interactions reinforced the belief that life was meant to be lived fully and that shared experiences could be a powerful source of strength.

A Message of Hope and Courage

Loehr Young’s journey is a beacon of hope for those who have faced their demons and emerged stronger. His advice echoes his own experiences – urging addicts to seek help and rediscover their strength and passion. He emphasizes that societal norms and naysayers should never dictate one’s dreams. Loehr’s life story is a testament to the fact that pursuing happiness is not only a personal right but a responsibility to oneself.

Loehr Young’s name and story are synonymous with resilience, transformation, and the pursuit of dreams. His journey from a tumultuous past to a present filled with passion and purpose embodies the theme of doing what makes you happy. Loehr’s life teaches us that no matter how far we stray from our path, the journey back is always possible, fueled by unwavering determination and the pursuit of what truly brings joy to our hearts. Understand that you can come back from the brink of darkness to triumph, just like Loehr has.