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First Time Marathoner Gina’s Inspiring Journey

First Time Marathoner Gina's Journey to the NYC Marathon

First time marathoner Gina is in her final week before the TCS New York City Marathon. As a first-time marathoner, she has been training and fundraising for the New York City Marathon in November. This will be Gina’s first marathon, and she’s not just training. She’s also fundraising for Eluna, an organization that supports children impacted by a loved one’s addiction.

Gina works as a program manager for an intensive children’s mental health program and runs an overnight camp for children who have been affected by addiction in their families. Some days can be stressful, and being on call can affect her running. You can read her first interview here. Her second interview dives into the challenges of balancing running, work, and strength training. The third interview discusses her current training plan as she prepares for her first marathon. Finally, this time, the fourth interview focuses on her training progress, with the New York City Marathon just a week away.

How Is Your Taper Going?

The taper is going okay. I’ve been able to manage the taper crazies. I’m thrilled to be running less, but I’ve noticed some aches and pains. I’m uncertain if they’re related to tapering or if they are pointing to a genuine issue. I stopped running for a few days and managed an easy run today. I’m planning a short workout tomorrow. My main focus is preparing for the journey, and I’m genuinely excited about race day. Many family members are coming to the race, and considering I haven’t had a literal break from work in years, I’m excited about that. Although I do have a time goal in mind, I’m excited to just run the streets of New York. Finishing my first marathon will be awesome. 

What Has Taper Looked Like For You?

My entire left leg, from calf to hip, has been exceptionally tight. It gradually eases as I warm up. However, last Monday, the pain in my hip and knee affected my stride, prompting me to stop my run. Regular yoga and foam rolling seem to help. Interestingly, I think sitting throughout a three-day work training may have contributed to the pain.

Fortunately, things seem to be improving. Last week, I ran approximately 32-33 miles, and this week’s target is about 18 miles, considering the runs I missed due to my leg issue. Today’s plan includes a 10-mile run with 3 miles at marathon pace, wearing my race shoes. The current winter weather, around 30-40 degrees and sunny, is ideal for running, a pleasant change from the summer heat where I did most of my training. 

How Is Your Fundraising Going?

Fundraising has been challenging. While I appreciate the opportunity to participate, I’m not sure if I would do it again. Asking for donations isn’t easy for me. I’m nearing my fundraising goal and have some donations to record that were given outside the official website. Juggling fundraising with work and marathon training has been occasionally stressful.

How Is The Weather Looking?

The weather forecast for the New York City Marathon is promising, with lows in the 40s. I hope it doesn’t turn warmer; a colder temperature would be fine too but I just hope it doesn’t get any warmer. 

We are excited to see how the race goes for first time marathoner Gina. As her first marathon, Gina has trained smart and fundraiser over $3000 for the marathon. Plus, she’s balanced an intense job too. Plus, in rare form for the New York City Marathon, the weather is looking fairly ideal!