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Finding Balance and Thriving: Ben Wiant’s Journey in Endurance Sports and Nomadic Living

Finding Balance and Thriving: Ben Wiant's Journey in Endurance Sports and Nomadic Living Ben Wiant Run Tri Bike
Ben Wiant
Year started: 2014
Next race: November – Spartan Trifecta Weekend in South Carolina (5K+10K+Half-marathon)
Favorite gear:
  • Altra Lone Peak (training shoes)
  • Salomon Speedcross (race shoes)

Ben Wiant’s foray into endurance sports began in high school as a 4 year varsity cross country athlete but shifted dramatically in 2014 with a simple invitation from colleagues to join them in a Spartan Race. What started as a casual decision blossomed into a life of consistent challenge, growth, and adventure. We learn about Ben’s journey, exploring how he is finding balance and thriving with a nomadic lifestyle and endurance training. Ben provides us with the lessons he has learned along the way and how you can apply them to your life.

The Catalyst: A Colleague’s Challenge

In 2014, Ben Wiant’s OCR journey began with a Spartan Race, thanks to a colleague’s suggestion. “A couple of guys I worked with, one guy was a crossfitter and the other a triathlete. They said, ‘Hey, we’re going to do a Spartan race. You want to come?’ I responded with, ‘What’s that?’ I did my first Beast race in North Carolina, and that was it. I got hooked,” Ben recalls. This initial experience ignited a passion for Spartan races and endurance challenges that would become a significant part of his life.

Embracing the Full Body Experience

What drew Ben to Spartan Races was not just the running but the inclusion of obstacles. These races provided a complete body experience, unlike simple running. Ben explains, “I still enjoy just running, trail running, and road running. But the obstacle component makes it more engaging. I’m also a rock climber, which complements the training well. Running and climbing are the only training I do for Spartans because the techniques are very transferable.”

The Joy of Overcoming Challenges

For Ben, the appeal of Spartan Races and similar challenges lies in pushing past boundaries. “You really have to push past any of your boundaries that you’ve placed on yourself. My motto has always been, keep moving, crush the obstacles. If you can put up a good time, great, but it’s about getting after it,” Ben shares. This mindset of pushing limits and overcoming obstacles is a consistent theme in Ben’s life, whether on the racecourse or in his daily endeavors.


Consistency: The Ultimate Challenge

While physical challenges are a significant part of Ben’s life, maintaining consistent training is often the most difficult part. “What’s hard for me is consistency of training. Going out and doing it is one thing, but doing it regularly is another. I enjoy being out in nature. I don’t wear a watch when I run, I just like moving. But maintaining that regularity is tough,” Ben admits.

Balancing Life on the Move

Ben and his wife have embraced a nomadic lifestyle, which brings its own set of challenges and rewards. They move every one to two months, constantly finding new trails and climbing spots. “We wanted to travel more and live in the places we’d normally just visit as weekend warriors. We wanted to see more of these places and not feel rushed,” Ben explains. This lifestyle allows them to balance work and adventure, with the flexibility to enjoy new experiences regularly.

A Supportive Partnership

A crucial element in Ben’s ability to maintain his active lifestyle is the support of his wife. They share a passion for adventure and often train and hike together. “Having my wife, who’s also an athlete, makes it easier. We understand each other’s needs when it comes to training and personal time. She’s my partner in everything,” Ben says. Their relationship thrives on mutual support and a shared love for the outdoors.

Living with Intention

Ben’s journey is a testament to living intentionally. He and his wife have meticulously planned their travels and training, balancing work and adventure seamlessly. “We work east coast hours, so when we’re on the west coast, we cut out in the afternoon and go find adventure or train. It’s about making time for what we love,” Ben explains. This intentional approach to life allows them with finding balance and thriving, no matter where they are.

Future Plans: Continuing the Adventure

The future holds more adventures for Ben and his wife. They have a multi-year plan that includes visiting national parks, climbing, and continuing to challenge themselves physically. “We’ve got our 2025 planned already, and in 2026, we’re going to Alaska for a couple of months. We traded our mortgage and housework for Airbnb rent and are enjoying every moment,” Ben shares. Their long-term plans reflect a commitment to living life fully and intentionally.

Inspiring Others Through Consistency and Passion

Ben Wiant’s journey in endurance sports and his nomadic lifestyle serve as an inspiration to others. His story highlights the importance of finding balance and thriving while  living intentionally. Whether it’s conquering a Spartan Race or exploring a new trail, Ben’s experiences offer valuable lessons on balancing life, work, and personal passions. His journey is a reminder that with the right mindset and support, it’s possible to thrive in both personal and professional realms, no matter the challenges.