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Consistency, Patience, and Self-Reflection in Running

Consistency, Patience, and Self-Reflection in Running Levente Hegedüs How It All Started Run Tri Bike
Levente Hegedüs
Year started: 2012
Next race: April 7th / Bratislava Marathon / Slovakia

Levente Hegedüs, a runner from Budapest, Hungary, shared his journey in running, starting with a decision that changed the course of his athletic pursuits. Twelve years ago, in 2012, Levente made the choice to take on the challenge of completing a half marathon. The decision, influenced by a shift in his sporting activities from basketball and badminton to running, marked the beginning of a passion that would shape his life.

Levente’s initial connection to running dates back to his school days, where he displayed natural talent during physical education tests. However, it was the absence of opportunities to continue playing basketball and badminton at the university level that led him to explore the world of running. “I felt it’s just fun. I wanted to do some sports that time,” Levente reflects on the motivation behind his decision.

Transitioning from Half Marathon to Marathon

Having successfully completed his first half marathon within just two months of training, Levente’s journey took an unexpected turn. Encouraged by his godfather, a former professional rower, Levente ventured into the realm of marathons. It wasn’t just encouragement that his godfather provided. He also purchase Levente his first pair of running shoes. Those shoes would be used in Levente’s first marathon which his godfather also participated in. The transition from a half marathon to a full marathon was a leap of faith, taking place in October of the same year. “I felt that it went okay with the half marathon, and I felt that, why not?” Levente recalls.

The challenges of the marathon, especially in the last 6 kilometers, were met with determination, and Levente crossed the finish line in 3 hours and 34 minutes. Little did he know that this race marked the beginning of an enduring love affair with the marathon distance.

Consistency, Patience, and Reflective Growth

Over the years, Levente’s running journey has evolved through phases of self-discovery, setbacks, and triumphs. Reflecting on the changes he’s witnessed in himself over the past twelve years, Levente divides his running experience into two six-year periods. The initial years were characterized by inconsistency, occasional injuries, and a lack of year-round dedication to running.

However, a pivotal moment occurred six years ago when Levente committed to consistent training and gradually increased his monthly running volume. This shift in approach resulted in a continuous improvement in his marathon times. “I think running is much more fair than anything else in life. Because running is, in some ways, it is a pretty simple thing. You have to just run. You have to just do it,” he remarks.


Setting Goals and Overcoming Failures

Levente’s running philosophy is rooted in a deep sense of personal responsibility and fairness within the sport. While he acknowledges the influence of external factors like weather conditions, he emphasizes the importance of understanding one’s own limitations. Even in the face of failures, Levente adopts a self-reflective mentality, attributing setbacks to a lack of preparation or unrealistic goals.

His ability to manage failures mentally is grounded in the simplicity and transparency of running as a sport. “In running, you see exactly when you check your watch that you became a better runner. You can check your race times, you become a better runner,” Levente observes.

Advice for Aspiring Runners

As a seasoned runner, Levente offers valuable advice to those embarking on their running journey. He stresses that consistency and patience, lead to small, consistent steps bring significant improvements. Levente’s recent success in breaking the three-hour barrier for the marathon is a testament to the magic of consistency and the benefits of a patient approach to training.

Looking ahead, Levente sees running as a lifelong pursuit. He expressed his desire to continue enjoying the sport at different stages of life. His journey, marked by a commitment to self-improvement, resilience in the face of challenges, and an unwavering love for running, serves as an inspiring example for both novice and experienced athletes alike.

Beyond the Finish Line

While Levente is not pursuing the Boston Marathon, for now, his journey continues to unfold. Driven by a genuine passion for running, he looks forward to his next run and what comes from the experience. He is striving for personal bests while understanding his relationship with the sport. Levente remains an example of inspiration for those seeking fulfillment and growth through the art and practice of running.