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Experiences Matter, More: From Swimmer to Entrepreneur

Morgan Filler is an example of why experiences matter
Morgan Filler
Year started: 1991
Next race: Lake Berryessa June 1
Favorite gear:


For Morgan Filler, becoming an endurance athlete started early thanks to her active, outdoor-loving family. Her dad was a runner who got Morgan and her twin sibling into 5K races and running together from a young age. Over time, Morgan also got into trail running and open water swimming.  Morgan’s journey serves as an example of why experiences matter. 

Go Further 

A memorable first long open water swim across the Chesapeake Bay at age 16 showed Morgan she could go further than just laps in the pool. She loved dealing with the challenges of the open water, navigation and pushing herself for multiple hours straight. This sparked her interest in open water swimming.

Lived Simply 

In college, instead of studying abroad, Morgan chose to train with a top swim coach to prepare for her first professional open water swimming race. For 5 years she lived simply, funding travels by working at coffee shops and placing in the top 5 at races in the open water swimming world circuit. Morgan hilariously recalls when she had the choice between a $400 check and a year’s supply of coke. Though rewarding, Morgan eventually wanted more stability and connections at home.

Olympic Trials 

Morgan became a massage therapist but kept swimming with master’s groups. When open water marathon swimming became an Olympic event in 2008, Morgan felt compelled to ramp up training again. Despite being in her early 30s, Morgan qualified for the final round of going to  US Olympic trials after coming out of retirement, competing against many athletes In their 20s. Although unable to qualify for the Olympics, Morgan felt proud of the end result. She had balanced work, family, and training along the way.


See Her Swim

After starting a family, Morgan saw her perception of swimsuits change. Morgan was unable to find an attractive, comfortable and fashionable bathing suit that could be worn in different situations: on the pool deck with clients, surfing with girlfriends, training during practice, and playing in the waves with her daughters. She taught herself design skills to create prototypes for her brand, See Her Swim. 

Anything is Possible 

Now as an entrepreneur mom, Morgan grows See Her Swim while raising young children. Balancing time and responsibilities is the latest adventure for Morgan. Meeting parenting and work demands requires focus but staying active – swimming and running – is Morgan’s outlet. She hopes her journey shows her kids that with passion and hard work, anything is possible.

Inspire Others 

The years have shown Morgan that personal growth and experiences matter more than stuff. Her endurance sports background gave her confidence to take risks and form lifelong habits to stay motivated and balanced. Morgan feels fortunate she found her calling in time to prepare for her next chapter as her kids continue to grow older. She remains grateful she can inspire others with her story. Her journey serves as a reminder of why experiences matter most.