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Endurance Sports: Your Journey to Self-Discovery and Hope

Endurance Sports Self-Discoery Journey for Chris Hanson

In the wake of the pandemic, many people found themselves grappling with anxiety and uncertainty. It was a period when the world seemed to be in chaos, and the future appeared hazy at best.  However, within these challenging times, Chris Hanson, unearthed a transformative endurance sports self-discovery journey. This occurred through running. His narrative illustrates the profound impact such pursuits can have on individuals, illuminating purpose and influencing those around them.

Embracing the Unknown: Chris’s Running Journey

While many were still adapting to the evolving realities of post-pandemic life, Chris chose to integrate running into his quest for a deeper understanding of life. For him, it presented an opportunity to break free from the ordinary and embrace the unfamiliar. Though he started running in late 2018 for physical health reasons, this navigational shift focused more on mental and spiritual health.

Solitude in the Desert: Moments of Reflection

In the midst of an uncommon Pacific Northwest ice storm, Chris found solace and solitude amidst the vastness of the icy desert during a late afternoon run. It was during this run that the impact of the silence, and the perceived limits of the icy conditions really hit him. The reality that stepping outside of the noise and limitations(whether imposed upon us, or those we choose to impose on ourselves) invites a freedom and independence of breath that often gets suppressed in all the weighty, fast paced traffic of life. 

Discipline and Self-Discovery

Amid what can often be turbulence or an unsettled feeling in life, Chris further recognized the need for discipline and structure in his own life. Setting daily objectives in key aspects of his life—health, work, appointments, family etc. —Chris questioned the returns each component provided by asking the important question, “how does this serve me?” This introspective process revealed the impact of simple things like alcohol consumption on his life, leading him to adopt a healthier alternative, hop water. This exercise highlighted the importance and impact of the hundreds or thousands of decisions we each make on a daily basis. 

Beyond Lifestyle Changes: Extending Discipline

Chris extended his newfound discipline beyond lifestyle changes, inspired by Jordan Peterson’s “cleaning up your room before judging the world.” For him, it meant focusing his energy on organizing his life before passing judgment on others—a crucial realization for anyone seeking their purpose. Through this process Chris realized that there is little time and energy left to be critical of anything else, as cleaning up one’s own life is quite a lofty endeavor.

Running as a journey, not just a race for Chris means that running transcended mere competition; it evolved into a journey of self-discovery. He intentionally stepped away from races to fully immerse himself in the experience, questioning the meaning and community behind them. Embracing the journey itself became the focal point. Acknowledging achievements are reaching goals were still important markers but finding a deeper appreciation in the present space as a part of the process helped him enjoy the current season he was in. 

Overcoming Challenges

The power of embracing the journey despite facing a debilitating plantar fasciitis injury in pursuit of his 1,200-mile goal for 2022, Chris persisted. His motivation wasn’t tied to a specific goal but to the path itself. Recognizing the uniqueness of each journey, he refrained from comparing himself to others and instead found a deep appreciation for others embracing a similar path.

Chris’s solitary running journey reflected a personal commitment to self-improvement. While he received some external recognition, he understood that true motivation had to come from within. The fuel for self-improvement was not going to be mined outside. In order to create an environment that was long-standing his motivation would have to be developed internally.

Inspiring Others

The ripple effect of running emphasizes the power of our actions to inspire others. His dedication influenced his family, helping to foster a culture of health and wellness. The ripple effect of his choices highlighted the impact individuals can have on those around them.

Finding Your True North: Navigating Life’s Challenges

Chris advocates for having a true north, a guiding principle to navigate life’s challenges. While we can’t give someone else their true north directionally speaking, we can offer them a compass. Chris sees his role as providing others with a compass, recognizing the value of diverse journeys as we all are traveling to and from different starting places and destinations and need some confirming guide along our path.

Chris Hanson’s endurance sports journey illustrates the transformative power of these activities in discovering one’s “why” in life. His commitment to self-improvement, coupled with the influence on his family, underscores the potential of unique journeys to inspire and guide others. As we focus on our paths and relish the journey, we may uncover our “why” and contribute to others’ endurance sports self-discovery journeys.


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Jason Bahamundi, founder of Run Tri Bike, is a passionate and accomplished endurance athlete dedicated to proving that there is a spot at the starting line for everybody and every body. With a background deeply rooted in the world of triathlons, running, and cycling, Jason has not only excelled in his personal athletic endeavors but is committed to fostering a supportive and inclusive world of endurance sports. This led him to establish Run Tri Bike, a platform that serves as a hub for enthusiasts to connect, share experiences, and access valuable resources. Jason's genuine enthusiasm for endurance sports, continues to inspire individuals to pursue their goals and embrace the transformative power of an endurance sports lifestyle.