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Embracing the Endurance Journey: Sarah Forester’s Path to Resilience and Growth

Embracing the Endurance Journey: Sarah Forester Run Tri Bike
Sarah Forester
Year started: 2017
Next race: May 11, 2024 / CARDV 5k / Corvallis, OR
Favorite gear:
  • Lululemon fast and free high-rise leggings
  • Lululemon fast and free high-rise shorts
  • Lululemon blissfeel shoes

Endurance sports like running often become more than a physical activity. They become transformative journeys shaping individuals both on and off the road or trail. Sarah Forester, a college tennis player turned runner, shares her story of embracing the endurance journey. Not just in running, but also in life.

Discovering the Power of Running

Sarah’s journey into endurance sports began in high school, where her tennis coach emphasized cross-training. This introduction led her to incorporate running into her fitness routine. The goal was to improve her tennis performance. However, what started as a means to an end soon became a passion. Sarah remarks, “I fell in love with running,” highlighting how the sport not only enhanced her endurance on the tennis court but also strengthened her mental fortitude.

Enhancing Mental Resilience

Running became a pivotal tool for Sarah’s mental resilience. She notes, “Running has taught me to push through challenges, set goals, and believe in my ability to overcome obstacles.” This mental strength gained from running transcended beyond sports. Sarah became empowered to face adversity in various aspects of life with confidence and determination.

Sarah reflects on her experiences, drawing parallels between running races like Hood to Coast and intense tennis matches. She explains, “When I’m facing adversity or tough situations in tennis, I remind myself of the mental and physical challenges I’ve conquered through running. It gives me the confidence to persevere.” She compares the elation of finishing a challenging race to winning a tough tennis match, highlighting the satisfaction derived from pushing oneself to the limit.


Running as a Source of Empowerment

Despite societal pressures and expectations, Sarah emphasizes the importance of staying true to her values. She advises aspiring athletes, especially young adults, to embrace the difficulty of starting something new. “It’s not going to be easy, but stick with it for at least six weeks. Embrace the challenges because they lead to growth,” Sarah encourages.

Apart from her athletic endeavors, Sarah is also passionate about wellness and mindset. Alongside her friend Lexi, she co-hosts the “Own Your Life” podcast, where they discuss health, fitness, and lifestyle topics. Sarah’s holistic approach to life highlights the connection between physical activity, mental well-being, and personal growth.

Embracing Diversity in Goals and Paths

While some may aspire to run marathons or ultra distances, Sarah acknowledges that everyone’s journey is unique. She shares, “I’m a 5K girl. I love pushing myself hard in shorter distances. It’s about finding what sets your heart on fire.” Her advice resonates with individuals navigating their paths, encouraging them to pursue what genuinely inspires and motivates them.

Sarah’s success and resilience are also attributed to her supportive environment. She emphasizes the significance of surrounding herself with people who uplift and inspire. “Your environment is everything,” Sarah emphasizes, highlighting the importance of positive influences.

Sarah Forester’s journey from tennis player to avid runner and wellness advocate is an example of how endurance sports can empower us to take risks. Her story inspires us to embrace the endurance journey through challenges by staying true to our passions, and grow through a positive environment.