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Discovering Potential: Victor Costa’s Journey in Endurance Sports

Discovering Potential: Victor Lobato da Silva Costa's Journey in Endurance Sports Run Tri Bike
Victor Costa
Year started: 2012
Next race: September 28th / Berlin Marathon / Berlin, Germany

Victor Lobato da Silva Costa’s story proves that taking risks can help you in discovering your potential. Starting his journey in 2012, Victor’s path was not fueled by a particular reason but by an innate passion for pushing boundaries. As he transitioned from childhood sports like swimming, soccer, and volleyball to running, Victor found himself drawn to the challenge of the unknown. Reflecting on his early days, Victor recalls, “I would like to do things that nobody’s doing. I think to myself: that is different, is it hard? I’m gonna do that. I like the challenge behind that.”

From Brazil to the U.S.: Overcoming Obstacles

Growing up in Brazil, Victor was ingrained in a culture that celebrated athleticism. “Sport is big in Brazil,” he affirms, reminiscing about his days I\on the swim team and his love for various sporting activities. This background as an athlete primed him for the world of running, where the pursuit of personal growth and new challenges became his guiding principles.

Victor’s journey wasn’t without its hurdles. Moving to the United States for education brought its own set of challenges, including financial constraints and cultural adjustments. Yet, Victor’s resilient spirit and thirst for growth propelled him forward. “I think it’s the challenge,” he explains. “I was always moved by the challenge. If I live here now in the US, it is because I was challenged once and somebody said, oh, you’re never gonna be able to make it. I was like, watch me. So I’m here.”

Reigniting Passion: Victor’s Post-Graduation Inspiration

One of the defining moments in Victor’s endurance sports journey was reigniting his passion post-graduation, inspired by his wife’s dedication to running. “She was always an athlete. Amazing athlete,” he proudly mentions. This spark led Victor to embrace marathons like the New York City Marathon, a daunting yet exhilarating endeavor. “I don’t get competitive, but I want to finish within a certain time” Victor shares, highlighting his blend of competitiveness and enjoyment in these races.


Training with Joy: Victor’s Refreshingly Human Approach

Victor’s approach to training and racing is refreshingly human. “If I’m not having fun, I’m not doing it,” he asserts, emphasizing the importance of enjoyment in every aspect of his athletic pursuits. His training philosophy revolves around finding joy in the process, whether it’s through guided training programs or simply running with podcasts playing in the background. Part of discovering his potential resides in the enjoyment of the activity. Having fun is the goal for Victor.

Inspiring Others: Victor’s Role in the Running Community

Beyond personal achievements, Victor finds fulfillment in inspiring others. “I’m not a coach by any means, but you can do whatever you want,” he encourages. His involvement in running clubs exemplifies this ethos, where camaraderie and support foster growth for everyone involved. “Join a running club. They’re gonna guide you,” Victor advises aspiring runners, highlighting the role of community in nurturing a love for endurance sports.

Looking Ahead: Victor’s Exciting Challenges on the Horizon

Looking ahead, Victor’s horizon is filled with exciting challenges. From marathons in iconic locations like Berlin to contemplating triathlons, his journey continues to evolve. Victor is driven by a passion for exploration and self-discovery. This mindset helps him in discovering his potential. As Victor’s story shows, the world of endurance sports isn’t just about races and finish lines. Running, and endurance sports, are a journey of resilience, growth, and finding joy in every step.