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Tri Beginners Luck Podcast – Dare To Dream With Sika Henry

Tri Beginners Luck Podcast Dare To Dream Sika Henry Run Tri Bike Magazine

This is the 8th episode of Tri Beginner’s Luck with host MichanaShines.  In this episode, Michanda chats Sika Henry, who is the first African-American professional triathlete. In Episode 8 of the Tri Beginner’s Luck podcast we all learn to dare to dream.

Episode 8: Dare to Dream with Sika Henry, The First African-American Professional Triathlete

A dream deferred has become a dream realized.  Next to the definitions of perseverance, overcomer, determined, and committed, you will find a beautiful picture of the First African American Professional Triathlete, Sika Henry!

Sika is beloved not only for her athleticism, but her authenticity and transparency as she shared the details of her journey on her blog and social media..  Sika doesn’t hold back on the ugly truths, nor does she paint a beautiful picture that seems unrealistic or unattainable. She shares the good, the bad, and the ugly in a way that helps everyone learn the power of big dreams and determination. .

Sika works full time and still finds time to make her dreams come true as a professional triathlete? A corporate analyst by day and triathlete every other time. That is hard to believe.  My Goodness: she makes tri’ing look so easy although she will be the first to tell you that being a triathlete is HARD!

In this episode, Sika brings the laughter, the inspiration, the hard truths, and you will hear how she is still learning how to tri, as she conquers training with power, as well as the importance of looking good when she races.  Because when you look good, you feel good, and you race good!

You already know this is a good one, so sprint to your favorite listening platform and get into this episode!

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Michanda is a leader, creative strategist, visionary and an overcomer, who loves to see others shine. She seamlessly transfers diverse skills to desired outcomes in various professional arenas; where she is an entrepreneur, model, avid triathlete, endurance sports announcer, and podcast host.