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Tri Beginners Luck Podcast – We Are Better Together

Tri Beginners Luck Podcast We Are Better Together Run Tri Bike Magazine

This is the 7th episode of Tri Beginner’s Luck with host MichanaShines. Ā In this episode, Michanda chats with two different relay teams. This conversation took place on November 26th right before the holiday season and is a gift that keeps on giving.

Episode 7: We Are Better Together When We Tri with Kings and Queens Rule Together Relay Teams

Joining a relay can have a lasting impact for those who participate – like a gift that keeps on giving.Ā  We hope this episode is a great present for you as we start off the season of giving!

In this episode, we talk to two relay teams from theĀ  Kings Rule Together and Queens Rule Together, a community of passionate, active cyclists of all ages, genders and skill levels. Founded in 2019 with 4 eager riders from northwest Philadelphia, PA, and now with 200 + riders and counting. Their mission is to promote a fun healthy lifestyle while fully committed to bringing diversity to the sport of cycling.

During our interview, we learn how being on a relay team really is the gift that keeps on giving, with an impact that spans well beyond race day.Ā  In one case, a relay has sparked an interest to do a solo triathlon for another athlete, winning a scholarship created a pathway to entry, which encouraged one member to get other athletes inspired and engaged to want to compete in relays.Ā  And, we see how one company is putting their money where they want access and creating unique opportunities to build community around sports, specifically triathlon.

It only takes one to change a life. Ā  Tune in and enjoy this episode!

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Michanda is a leader, creative strategist, visionary and an overcomer, who loves to seeĀ others shine. She seamlessly transfers diverse skills to desired outcomes in variousĀ professional arenas; where she is an entrepreneur, model, avid triathlete, enduranceĀ sports announcer, and podcast host.