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Dam Good Run by Jason Bahamundi

Where: Arizona
When: April 3, 2022
Race length: Marathon
Quick Tips:
• Hydrate, Hydrate, Hydrate. It will get hot out there and you need to stay on top of your liquids and electrolytes.
• Do your squats and practice your hiking. There is a lot of runnable sections of the trail but the climb at Mile 17-ish and the climb at the end are something you want to be prepared for.
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The best thing(s) about the race:
• The finish line is ideal. The Dam Good Run finishes on Lake Pleasant which allows you the opportunity to cool down after the event. This is not the race to have anything scheduled for after the event. Take your time and dip into the lake and enjoy the atmosphere.
• The camaraderie of the athletes during the out and back sections on the course. Running in the desert can feel lonely at times but when you're going through the out and back sections you are able to get the inspiration to keep moving.
• The views. Being able to see the lake from different parts of the course as well as seeing the trail from the top of the climb is spectacular. Sometimes seeing the finish line and knowing you've got some time before you get there can be demoralizing, but at the Dam Good Run when you see the finish line from about a mile out you know you're on your way to the cold lake water.
What was less than ideal: I don't know that they could have done anything better. There was an issue with the food truck that morning but that is beyond the race's control and not anything I would say the race failed at.
What I didn't expect: The last climb out of the canyon before the finish line. I knew there was a big climb around mile 17 but was not expecting the last climb out. If you decide to run this race, and I recommend that you do, be prepared for that last climb out. It's a doozy!
Race organization: Top Notch. Picking up your race packet at a drive-thru was awesome, and finishing at the lake was the icing on the cake. Very well run event.
Fuel and aid stations: As you would expect at an ultra. Plenty of chips, pickles, electrolytes, water, bananas, watermelon. All the aid station fuel you need to succeed.
Additional info: I would tell people to mark their calendars for this event because it has a bit of everything.
Overall grade: 5 stars