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Capturing the 100 Mile Ultramarathon: Simon Guérard

Capturing the 100 Mile Ultramarathon Simon Guérard Run Tri Bike Magazine How It All Started
Simon Guérard
Year started: 2019
Next race: January 13, 2024 / Hurt 100 / Honolulu, HI
Favorite gear:

His Fox Hat

The 100 mile distance is hard to fathom. Not only does it require training, it requires in-depth strategy. Planning for one can be overwhelming but the concept of capturing the 100 mile ultramarathon is what many dreams are made of. Simon Guérard decided to do just that. Along the way he has uncovered a lot about himself while finding community.

Never Too Late to Pursue Your Passion 

Simon Guérard is proof that it’s never too late to pursue your passion. Outdoorsy, but not a competitive athlete growing up, Simon ran his first marathon in 2015 with almost no training. While he enjoyed the experience, Simon felt trail and ultrarunning were more his speed. Within just 6 months of starting ultramarathons, Simon boldly signed up for his first 100 mile ultramarathon.

Your Soul is Naked 

Three years later, Simon has now finished over 30 ultras at the 100 mile distance, something that was never intentional. He’s found ultrarunning provides him with a deep sense of community and self-discovery. As Simon describes it, “Your soul is naked during these races even if you’re not physically naked. There’s a level of intimacy that happens.”

Among Other Runners 

Simon may not be a sponsored pro, but he has committed to running a 100 mile ultramarathon every 3-4 weeks while still working a demanding full-time job. He uses the routine as motivation and thrives on experiencing new courses. When coronavirus forced races to go virtual in 2020, Simon ran his own 100 mile “race” and found it wasn’t the same without the ultramarathon sense of community. He went on to run the in-person Javelina 100 mile ultramarathon later that year, recalling how special it was to be among other runners again. There, Simon discovered how special the 100 mile community was. 

Capturing All Aspects of 100 Mile Races 

Now Simon is dedicated to fully capturing all aspects of 100 mile races, from the highest highs to the lowest lows. He posts unfiltered videos on his YouTube channel, wanting to show the realities ultrarunners face over 100 miles. As Simon notes, many race videos only showcase the best moments. Simon has already checked renowned 100 mile ultramarathon events like Badwater 135 and the Ouray 100 off his bucket list in 2023. He calls Ouray the hardest race he’s ever done, even after Badwater’s extreme heat. Always up for an adventure, Simon has his sights set on the Tor des Géants 200-miler in Italy, the race where he first learned ultramarathons exist.

With the Right Attitude, Anything is Possible 

What makes Simon’s story so motivational is his mindset. He encourages beginners to believe in themselves first and foremost. Simon loves capturing the 100 mile ultramarathon finish line so much that recovery periods just mean eagerly awaiting the next start line. His infectious passion for the sport shines through. Simon’s advice to new runners is to sign up for an iconic race that calls to you. Forget what you feel ready for and give it a shot! You may surprise yourself, just as Simon did when he went from 50K to 100 mile racer in six months. With the right attitude, anything is possible.