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Breaking Barriers With Endurance Sports: Karen and Caleb Prewitt’s Inspiring Journey

breaking barriers with endurance sports with Karen and Caleb Prewitt in How It All Started story for Run Tri Bike
Karen and Caleb Prewitt
Year started: 2020 - Caleb's First Year As An Endurance Athlete
Next race: February 2, 2024 / Donna 1/2 Marathon / Jacksonville, FL
Favorite gear:

Team Zoot, Newton Running shoes, Rudy Project Helmets

In the world of endurance sports, where individuals push their limits to accomplish extraordinary goals, Karen and Caleb Prewitt stand out as a remarkable duo breaking down barriers. Their story is not just about conquering races; it’s a testament to the power of inclusion and the potential that exists for everyone, regardless of their unique abilities.

Endurance Sports: A Lifelong Passion for Karen

For Karen Prewitt, endurance sports have been a lifelong passion. From her early days on the middle school track to becoming a dedicated runner at 61, Karen found solace and joy in movement. Endurance sports became her sanctuary, a time for prayer, reflection, and planning. However, it wasn’t until later in life that Karen realized the transformative impact these sports could have on individuals with intellectual differences.

Caleb’s Journey: From Couch to 5K to Triathlons

Caleb, Karen’s son with Down syndrome, became the catalyst for a new chapter in their endurance journey. With the onset of the COVID-19 pandemic, Karen and Caleb seized the opportunity presented by Special Olympics’ virtual programming. They embarked on a Couch to 5K program. This marked the beginning of Caleb’s remarkable journey into the world of endurance sports.

Overcoming Preconceptions and Fostering Community Inclusion

Navigating the world of endurance sports with a teenager who has Down syndrome presented its challenges. From initial trepidation to concerns about acceptance, Karen was determined to foster community inclusion. Their local track club welcomed Caleb, and soon, he became a source of inspiration for many. Karen’s advocacy extends beyond disability-related activities, aiming to show the community that individuals with disabilities can participate in mainstream sports.


Proving Limitless Potential: Caleb’s Achievements

Caleb’s achievements speak volumes about his determination and the support he receives. From completing a 10K race to gaining national publicity through a triathlon, Caleb’s journey is marked by perseverance and triumph. The inclusion of individuals with intellectual differences in the world of endurance sports is slowly becoming a reality, thanks to stories like Caleb’s.

Looking to the Future: Big Goals for 2024

Karen and Caleb’s journey is far from over. In 2024, they have set ambitious goals, including Caleb’s first independent triathlon and a one-third Ironman distance event. These milestones represent not only personal achievements but also a beacon of hope for parents of children with Down syndrome and other intellectual differences.

A Parent’s Perspective: Facing Nervousness with Optimism

As a parent, Karen admits to moments of nervousness, especially as Caleb ventures into his first independent triathlon. Yet, her optimism shines through as she focuses on the preparations, cheers Caleb on, and embraces the next step in their journey. The resilience and courage displayed by both Karen and Caleb reflect the broader message of inclusivity and limitless potential.

Inspiring a Movement of Inclusion

The Prewitts’ story goes beyond individual accomplishments; it inspires a movement of inclusion in endurance sports. As Karen and Caleb continue to break down barriers, their journey becomes a guiding light. The light they are shining in not just for athletes but also parents facing similar challenges. In the world of endurance sports, the starting line is open to everyone, and Karen and Caleb Prewitt are living proof that with determination and support, there are no limits.