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Born To Run: Rory Run Tri Bike Best Running Buddy
Born To Run: Rory Run Tri Bike Best Running Buddy


Mini Australian Labradoodle / 8
Favorite Post-Run Treat: Brunch
Much like the amazing book chronicling the running prowess of the reclusive Tarahumara, Rory was born to run. She is faaaassssst, but keeps her runs short and effective. Rory is a big fan of interval training. She is very disciplined and often won’t eat her breakfast or lunch until after her workout. It is her favorite treat to herself for a workout well done!

Rory’s journey into running began in the city but blossomed on off-leash trails with her humans, Erin and her spouse, Doug. Adept at agility and in love with trail freedom, Rory eagerly anticipates every run, expressing excitement at the sight of running shoes. Their outings, several times a week, span 2 to 5 miles, showcasing Rory’s born to run trail-running talent.

The anticipation of a run sends Rory into a frenzy of excitement, evident in her eager demeanor when she sees running shoes. Her enthusiasm is off the charts, making it hard to resist her pleas to join. Once on the trails, Rory’s natural athleticism shines, often outpacing her human companion but always enjoying the journey together.

Post-run, Rory relishes a nap, recharging from her energetic adventures. Despite her active lifestyle, she maintains a friendly bond with a feline companion, highlighting her adaptability.