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Best Of How It All Started 2021

Best Of How It All Started 2021 Run Tri Bike Magazine
Best Of How It All Started 2021

We launched Run • Tri • Bike on March 1st of this year. Our goal was to provide a platform for tips and stories to motivate the reader. The How It All Started feature was to highlight the every day athlete. Inspiring and motivating others is what these stories do. There have been a lot over the past 10 months, including people who have overcome limited sight to run 100 mile trail races to an athlete overcoming breast cancer to launch a non-profit. We will highlight the best of How It All Started in this article but we encourage you to read them all.

The stories in the How It All Started feature have been the most popular on our site in 2021. Highlighting the Best Of How It All Started will leave some stories off the list. They are worth the time to read. What you will get in those stories will be life changing. You will find the incentive to overcome your obstacles the same way the author overcame theirs. CLICK HERE to view all the How It All Started stories.

The Run • Tri • Bike platform is intended to show that there is a spot at the starting line for everybody. Throughout 2021 we have seen athletes tell that same story by showing up for their training and racing. Endurance sports are hard and can sometimes be lonely but when you read the best of How It All Started stories you’ll be reminded that you can do hard things and that you are not alone. There is an entire community of people out here rooting for you to succeed.

As we embark on the path that is 2022, we look forward to reading and sharing more of your stories. If you have a story to tell (and we all do) then we want to hear it. Visit this link and submit your story and help encourage somebody else to start their endurance sports journey.

Best Of How It All Started 2021

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