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Ask Angela – Cycling Questions

Ask Angela Cycling Questions Run Tri Bike Magazine

Professional Triathlete and Gravel Cyclist Angela Naeth answers your questions in this episode of Ask Angela – Cycling Questions.

It’s the off-season and many of us are indoors on our trainers working on improving our performance on the bike. In triathlon, the cycling portion is the longest portion of the event and it makes sense to take the time during the off-season to work on your cycling performance. If you don’t have a coach, or even if you do, you may wonder if what you’re working on is right for you.

In this series, there are 4 questions from our readers that Angela answers for them but may also be something that you can utilize.

Ask Angela – Cycling Questions

These are the four questions that Angela answers in this short video:

  • I used to be fearless on the bike but after a crash and a bad fit, I get panic attacks on my tri bike. On my mountain bike, I don’t have issues. How do I get over this sense of fear. – Emmeline W
  • How do I figure out my bike zones? Should I be using power or heart rate on the bike to guide my workouts? – Jamie R
  • What is a good way to improve cadence on the bike while riding outside? – Melissa C
  • How important is it to find the right saddle versus using good chamois cream and having a high quality chamois padding, or both – Lindsay L

If you have any questions that you would like Angela to answer, submit them HERE