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Wings For Life World Run – Run•Tri•Bike Team

Wings For Life Red Bull Virtual Run May 9, 2021

Our goal with Run•Tri•Bike is to help get people started in the endurance sports that we love. You may be a runner, a cyclist, a swimmer or do all three in one day as a triathlete and we welcome you. You may want to run in the mountains, ride on the gravel or swim in the ocean and we welcome you. We understand that getting started can be difficult, and we hope that you find the content on our website, social media and in the pages of the magazine will help you.

To help you get started we have teamed up with Wings For Life to create a Run•Tri•Bike team that allows you to run virtually, without a specific distance in mind and help a great cause. The run will be held exclusively via the Wings for Life App that you can download here on your Apple device or here for your Android device.

Read more about the event below and then join our team, have fun and do good.


New Runners Take Note

The Wings for Life World Run is the perfect run for anyone who just wants to try out running. No specified distance, the possibility to run virtually, and a great listening experience, all help push you towards a personal best. Since 2014, thousands of people around the world have been running for those who can’t and have been doing good at the same time: 100% of all entry fees goes to spinal cord research. Just as in 2020, the Wings for Life World Run will be held exclusively via the App. Even if all participants should run individually for themselves, the sense of community and the fun factor at this run are unique. You run alone, but you’re still connected to the global field of participants via the App and the integrated listening experience.

“I think it’s great that the Wings for Life World Run is happening this year no matter what. This means runners already have a goal and motivation at the start of the 2021 running season, both of which are incredibly important for regular training”, said Sebastian Coe, President of World Athletics. “Running has become an important outlet for many people especially during these challenging times. And the event also links participants virtually across all national borders. This has always been an important responsibility of sport”, Coe continued.

Global studies show that since the outbreak of the pandemic, more people than ever before are running. Most with the need to cope with the situation and to feel carefree. This was also the conclusion of a large-scale study conducted by Asics published to coincide with Global Running Day 2020. Sports watch manufacturer Suunto has also recorded a sharp increase in exercise within its community: “Despite the strange times, people have been really active. We saw the greatest growth rates in activities like walking, hiking and mountain biking but running still remains the most popular activity. On average, our runners ran 8.3 kilometers per session and were out for 50.1 minutes,” says Suunto’s Global Sports Marketing Manager Joan Sola.

With the Wings for Life World Run, all runners and wheelchair users start at exactly the same time of 11:00 UTC. 30 minutes after the start gun, the Catcher Car gets going and starts its chase of participants. It will gradually get faster and pass participant after participant. Once passed by the Catcher Car, you have successfully completed the run. Everyone is a finisher in the Wings for Life World Run. A great prospect especially for participants taking to the start for the first time at a running event: “At the start of lockdown in March 2020, I bought myself some running shoes. I thought I’d use the time to get in shape. My goal for the Wings for Life World Run is just to see how far I can get. Currently, I’m running for a maximum of half an hour, but I’m sure I can run longer than that. I am looking forward to seeing what my training has brought”, said Brittany Strouse from New York, who wants to take part in the global fundraising run with the App for the first time.

Since 2014, the Wings for Life World Run community has been running together every May for those who can’t. Whether as part of a Flagship Run, Organized App Run, or simply individually by taking part with the App: With their entry fees, the runners and wheelchair users support the Wings for Life foundation with the goal to find a cure for spinal cord injuries. “I’m really looking forward to this year and the Wings for Life World Run. Not only because we do good together, but also because it is incredible fun being part of the run”, according to Anita Gerhardter, CEO of Wings for Life. “Covid-19 presented us with many restrictions. Fortunately, many of them are only temporary. People with spinal cord injuries, on the other hand, have to struggle with severe limitations throughout their lives. We want to change that. That’s why I’m excited about anyone joining us on May 9 and helping us to find a cure.”

So far, a total of 700,000 registered participants from 195 nations has been recorded, 7 million kilometers have been run and close to 30 million euros have been received by Wings for Life in the form of entry fees and donations.

Join us here Run•Tri•Bike Team